a World Wide Problem : Brady graham, class 4

What is Huntington's diseases

The disorder of Huntington's is a disorder dealing with extream simptomes and a very unique simptome in pitiular witch can be singled out to show huntington's.

Symptoms and Causes

In Huntington's disease there are a few very distinct and unique symptomes that will stand out in a crowd. First of all you will notice that there movements seem uncontroled and shacky.Also you will find the with other serious abnormaltys such as ; memory loss ,mood swings ,loss of apitite ,change in personality , diffilty swallowing ,fragial skin ,and speach trubles.Also you will find that those who were dignosed will seem to be ok till the late teans or early 20's but by then the victome's will VERY slowly get worse and more of these simtomes where they will seem to die 20 to to 45 yars younger than that of the average human being.

But how would you get Huntington's ?

to answer this we have to look in the brain at your neutrons. These neutrons are the things that controll your emotions , and movement. These neutrons are being desinigrated , (Basicly being melted) Makeing your emotions , movements , and your thoughts change.

How can we Stop Huntington's

Well , at the moment there is no known cure for huntington's ,and we cant exatly stop it from spreading ,alot of the time the victomes will have kids before they know wether of not they are diagnosed , witch is a problem.However scientists have found out that we can temporarily stop the symptoms of Huntington's with special made midican .