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HHE Mission

Holiday Heights is a SAFE and ACCEPTING place where everyone works together to LEARN, IMPROVE, and ACHIEVE our goals.



February 1-5 National Counselors Week

February 1 House Meeting (Activity)

February 1 PLC/Art Day

February 1 *** Campus Training: Security, TELPAS, and STAAR ***

February 2 Groundhog Day & PTA Board Meeting

February 3 3rd-5th Writing CBA

February 4&5 MOY RtI Collaborative

February 5 4th Grade Trip to Austin (Mr. Wamsley out)

February 5 End of 3 Weeks period-Grades due by 8:00 AM next Tuesday

February 8 House Meeting

February 8 Faculty Meeting

February 9 District Spelling Bee

February 11 McDonald's Night

February 11 504 Meetings

February 12 Valentine's Parties and Afterschool Dance

February 15 AM District PD / PM Campus PD

February 17 5th Grade Math CBA

February 17 UPS-Check check in during conference

February 18 Instructional Rounds

February 18 5th Grade Reading CBA

February 19 Care Team day

February 22 House Meeting (Activity)

February 22 Faculty Meeting

February 23 4th-2nd Grade Reading CBA

February 24 PLC/Art Day

February 25 5th-2nd Grade Social Studies CBA

February 26 Care Team paperwork Due

February 26 End of the 4th Six Weeks

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THANK YOU Susan Henderson for all you do for our students, staff and families!

Help student take a little time to show their appreciation this week!
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Teacher of the Year Voting

You will receive an email on Monday with TOY information and there will be voting buttons. Please cast your vote by Wednesday February 3rd!

This week in pictures

Battle of the Books (HHE winner of 2016 best shirt design)

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Thanks Shelley, Julie, Carrie, and Jessica for all of your hard work getting our BOB team prepared for the competition. Our kiddos did great in the competition working as a team and were the most respectful participates there. Many, many individuals commented on how our team carried themselves and showed excellent sportsmanship. Our team only missed 12 questions out of 45 questions and came in 5th place. I could not be more proud of the teachers and students for all of your work.

Next year we are looking for volunteers other than the coaches to read different BOB books and have "book talks" at lunch with the kids. Focusing on vocabulary in the books will be key to helping our students to the next level. We can all help our team and in turn help all of our students get excited about reading!

Data, CFA's, and Meetings

I know how important your time is and we have examined meetings to look for opportunities to improve efficiency and focus on things that will make the greatest impact on student learning.

We are canceling the monthly data meetings that used to take place during your conference period. We will still need to meet to do the district CBA protocol the week after these are given. The monthly morning meetings with your grade level will be the time to spend on discussing concerns from the data as well as check in to see the support you need with our campus's Tier 1 Priorities.

For this to happen we will need you to send your CFA data to Mrs. Appling and me once it is scanned in Aware. We should be doing about 1 CFA in math and 1 in reading each month. Please appoint 1 person in your grade level/content area to be responsible for this.

Every faculty meeting will be centered around professional development with teachers sharing out information and leading us in using tools that engage and enhance learning.

Recommendations from team and next steps:

  1. Create and give everyone a globe "Icon" to place by our standards in the room as a reminder for us to ask students "How would you use this in real life?" or other ways we can make the learning objective relevant
  2. Appoint 1 person on your team to make sure you look at and design structural level questions for the unit
  3. Everyone bring one student task you have designed for upcoming lessons to the faculty meeting on February 8th. We will evaluate them with the R&R rubric and see if there are any tweaks that can "Further the learning objective"
  4. Everyone bring one workstation along with the TEKS that you have designed for upcoming lessons to the faculty meeting on February 22nd.
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TAGT on Demand

TAGT On Demand is now open for teachers who are interested in getting started on their annual 6-hour update for 2016-2017. If there are teachers who did not complete their 30-hour or the 6-hour update for this year, they may also continue working on that task. District guidelines require that it be completed by December 31 each year, but the logins BISD paid for will be available until June 30. Please finish hours for this year as soon as possible. Courses are being posted in Workshop as quickly as possible once teachers submit their certificates to Katie Waldrip.

Special Awards Spreadsheet

The sheet can be accessed online at:

If there were any mistakes this sheet will always be available for you to make corrections before our next awards celebrations. I was not able to get the magnets counted and when I talked to team facilitators they mentioned it would be just as easy to come up and get them. This way you can give them out to your class to make sure everyone gets what they are supposed to.

Pictures of Students

If you would like to add picture to the digital sign just upload the pictures to the following folder:

Dismissal Procedures

We have sent out a message to parents about making sure they bring their laminated cards with them. We appreciate your help in communicating this with parents who do not have these and referring them to the office for a temporary one.

Please continue to make sure parents have their pickup cards. The police said this is one of the best things they like about our school's dismissal for 3 reasons.

1. It reassures parents the person next to them is supposed to be here

2. It highlights individuals who might not need to be on campus

3. It is a very visible signal to the community that there is a system in place to identify people whop are supposed to be here. The police said this is a very strong, proactive, deterrent to those who should not be on campus.

The police were very complementary of our dismissal procedures and I want to encourage your vigilance. If there are any suspicious vehicles around campus, call on the radio immediately so the office can respond quickly. Having everyone be on alert is the best way to make sure only those with a legitimate purpose are on campus.

Please let me know if there is any support you need with any of the above. I will be stationed in the area closest to Scott Drive for the remainder of December, but can come to any spot if needed.

Reminders and Focus

  • Our security fence has started and will be finished in 2 weeks. The gates will be locked during school hours and can be opened by your key. During the school day (7:30-4:00 on none Aspire days: 7:00-6:00 on Aspire days) these gates are to be treated like an exterior door. Adults and teenagers should not enter these and should go through the main doors, even at dismissal.

  • Our goal is to be level 3 (or moving close to it) in most areas on the district rubric for TEKS centered teaching. I have seen many great examples of students interacting with the TEKS in class. Be sure to not only post them, but have discussions so that students understand the goal of their learning.
  • Continue to build strong, positive relationships with all the students. Smile often. Choose to see the good and positive. Focus on growth and celebrate often. Nothing is more helpful in the learning process than the effects of trust and joy.
  • PLC's should be meeting weekly to answer the 4 questions. Common Formative Assessments should done after mapping out the six weeks, then planning for learning should take place. If you need any support in this, please contact our coaches, Erin, and myself.
  • Rigor, relevance, and engagement strategies should be focus on when planning student learning tasks.