DC Staff Update

7 December 2014

I'm grateful this week for...

As this will be the last Update for the term, it is timely to pass on my thanks to you all for your energy, commitment and support over the past 4 and a bit months. I appreciate all your hard work in making sure that our DC students are privy to some of the very best learning and teaching experiences.

A poignant week also in that we say goodbye to Natalie, Vania, Kirsten and Matt on Friday.

Our Arts & Culture Fest has been brilliant, with 3 more days of exciting activities, events and electives. So many people have played a part in making this so successful, however, I really need to acknowledge the work done by Peter L and our wonderful PTA, who have been behind this event right from the start.

I hope that you all have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year, whether it is in HK or away overseas with family or friends.

Staff Christmas Party

Thanks to the Social Club for organising such an enjoyable Christmas Party on Friday night. I know that Gillian, Claudia, Tanya and Andy spent many hours researching venues and then putting the evening together. Really nice company and a great way to head into the last week of the term.
Watch this space for information on a Chinese-themed Staff End of Year event.

Count to 10

This is the time of year when we can be tired or perhaps just focused on Christmas and the holidays ahead. It is also the time of year when we can lose a little focus and make a comment or write an email that could then turn around and bite us; when a minor issue can turn into something of a mountain. Please remember to take a moment and count to 10 if you feel a little irritated about something, rather than risk ending the term having to deal with a major problem.

Foreshore out of action

The foreshore is now closed for the construction of the new outdoor pitch, which we expect will take through to May to complete. The grassed area in Siena Park is now the new foreshore for recess and lunch (primary), and the second half of lunch (secondary). For those staff with foreshore duty, this has now moved to the park. Please remind all students of these changes.


To Don and Selvin for their wedding last week.

To Clement and Patgee for their upcoming wedding on 26 December.

Friday briefing

Come along to the last Friday briefing of the term and join our Swedish colleagues as they share their celebration of Santa Lucia's Day. There will be an Alcohol-free drink and a special "guest star" treat in store for you!

This week

A couple of reminders about the end of the term:
  • Arts & Culture Fest runs through to Wednesday
  • Whole-College staff meeting on tomorrow at 3.30pm in order to say goodbye to Natalie, Vania, Kirsten, Matt and Harriet.
  • Vinegar Tom on Tuesday evening and Ensemble Evening on Wednesday
  • Classes finish on Friday at 12noon
  • A Christmas lunch for staff is in the Staff Room starting around 12.15pm
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