November 15, 2013


Iba Nuedi

Our Spanish teacher, Miss Ivone was SO proud of our class and their performance at Tuesday's mes de la patria celebration! (Miss Sonia and I were quite proud too!) Thank you to those of you who came to celebrate with your child!


The initial response towards the new spelling approach was quite positive. The students were able to work both independently and collaboratively to practice the short and long a sounds. We found words in our poems, popcorn words, books, and in the stories we shared. As you can see the students also practiced locating patterns during word work in daily five.


We finished unit three this week! The students did really well on the assessment that covered frames and arrow rules, patterns, sums of ten, and counting coins. Collaboratively our greatest strength was counting money and our biggest challenge was sums to ten and telling time to the half hour. If you want to practice these concepts at home I suggest flash cards that practice adding and subtracting numbers up to ten.

Next week in unit 4 we will be measuring by feet and inches as well as by nonstandard units (our hands, our feet, our thumbs, etc.)


We deepened our understanding about living and nonliving things this week. It prompted some really thought provoking questions from the students such as, "why isn't rain living if it can move on its own?" and "do trees breathe?" This all led to fascinating conversations. We had a scavenger hunt around the classroom where students had to find both living and nonliving things. They also worked with a partner to contrast the two with a sort.

The exciting thing about our unit on animals is it happens simultaneously with our literacy unit on animals as well. Therefore, starting next week we will be researching, writing, and reading all about animals! We will be focusing specifically on fish and mammals next week.

If you click on "animal song" below you will find the link to a song about animals which we will break down bit by bit for our upcoming poems as we learn about the different classifications of animals. (Forgive me in advance if it gets stuck in your head like it has already gotten in mine!)


SRC will be holding a "shoeathon" to donate to Un Mejor Futuro Foundation. On Friday, November 22 students who bring a pair of shoes to donate won't have to wear their uniforms.