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Volume 13 December 11, 2020

Welcome to our Newest Surfside Team Members!

Mrs. Taylor, Health Support Technician

We are thrilled to have Regina Taylor joining our team as our Health Support Technician in our clinic. Below is a short message introducing herself.

I’m pleased to be working at Surfside Elementary in the clinic. I am a former Educator and Guidance Counselor. I currently mentor a ninth grader in the Florida Take Stock in Children Mentoring Program. I am a Puppy Raiser for Southeastern Guide Dogs. I enjoy swimming, walking and working out. I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and strive to serve as a role model for all.

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Mrs. Colleen Anderson, 5th Grade Teacher

We are pleased to announce that we will have a new teacher joining the fifth grade team, thereby reducing the number of students in each class. Mrs. Colleen Anderson will be joining our team as the Science and Writing teacher for fifth grade. She is a seasoned teacher with experience in both the elementary and middle school settings. She is a Surfside mom and has been an integral part of our staff this year already, serving as a substitute teacher in all of our grade levels. Mrs. Anderson is thrilled about this opportunity and we could not be more pleased to have her on the team as a full-time member.

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Let's Spread Some Kindness

Please place all donated items in the bin located outside of the front office. These will be collected daily through December 17, 2020.
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Important Dates and Reminders

  • Winter Break is December 21-January 1. Students return to school on January 4, 2021.
  • SAC Meeting will be December 17, 2020 at 7:30am via Zoom.

Dress Code Reminders

Below is the exact language from the Brevard Public Schools Code of Student Conduct regarding dress code. Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for school prior to arriving. Students not meeting dress code will be sent to the office and parents will be called to provide alternate clothing. Thank you for your help in this matter.


1. No hats, curlers, bandanas, or sunglasses (unless prescribed by a physician) are to be worn in the school building or hallways.

2. Extreme hair styles or hair colors that create a disruption are prohibited.

Upper Garments

1. Garments must be of a length and fit that are suitable to the build and stature of the student. The cut of sleeveless garments must not expose undergarments or be otherwise immodest.

2. Strapless garments are prohibited. Straps of permitted garments must be a minimum of 1 1/2 inches in width. (Tube tops and halter-tops are prohibited.)

3. Necklines of all upper garments must be modest. Low cut necklines are prohibited.

4. Excessively large or baggy clothes, which may conceal dangerous items or be a safety hazard, shall not be worn.

5. Upper garments must adequately cover the waistline and must not expose the midriff while the student is performing normal school-related activities(studying, retrieving books, raising hands, etc.).

Lower Garments

1. Pants shall conform to the build and stature of the student, shall be worn at the waist, and shall not extend below the heel of the shoe in length. Pants shall have no holes or rips. (Tights, spandex, leggings, bike shorts, etc., are not permitted.)

2. Undergarments shall not be visible. (Sports bras are considered undergarments.)

3. Dresses and skirts must reach mid-thigh or below in length with the waistband of skirts worn at waist level.

4. Shorts must have clearly discernable inseams of reasonable length and cover the buttocks. Short shorts are prohibited.

5. Garments must be of a length and fit that are suitable to the build and stature of the student.


Students in K-6 must wear shoes that are safe and appropriate for recess and physical education. Students in grades 7-12 may wear footwear commonly considered as beachwear (for example: flip flops, thongs, etc.) unless a course of instruction requires them to wear safe

and appropriate footwear to protect the student from injury, (i.e. athletic shoes in physical education class).


1. Clothing, jewelry, and accessories shall not convey messages that are crude; vulgar/profane; violent/death-oriented; gang related; sexually suggestive; and/or promote alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.

2. Dog collars, tongue rings, wallet chains, large hair picks, chains that connect one part of the body to another, or other jewelry/accessories that pose a safety concern for the student or others shall be prohibited.

Symbols or Clothing Showing Membership/Affiliation with a Gang

1. Any clothing, accessories, symbols, or regalia that convey membership or affiliation with a “gang” or other similarly oriented group or association prone to violence or criminal acts is prohibited.

2. Prohibited gang clothing, accessories, or regalia can include, but is not limited to, gang related colors, rolled up bandanas about the head or other parts of the body, knit caps, rolled up or split pant cuffs, certain sports attire that has a “street meaning”, etc.


1. Beachwear and see-through or otherwise revealing apparel is not considered appropriate.

2. Students are not permitted to wear clothing which contains vulgar, sexually explicit, or oriented wording/scenes, promotes tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drug use, or contains printed profanity as defined in Policy 5500.

Clinic Quarantine Information

Students who go the school clinic and show any symptoms of Covid-19 will be sent home and required to quarantine for a period of ten days. The list of symptoms can be found below.

Students may return to school sooner if they meet the following criteria;

1. A medical release from your child’s doctor clearing them to return to school OR

2. A negative viral Covid-19 test (must be a PCR, not a Rapid Antigen test) AND

3. No fever (100.4 or greater) for at least 24 hours without medication


· Fever greater than 100.4

· Chills

· Cough

· Congestion

· Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

· Fatigue

· Muscle or body aches

· Headache

· New loss of taste or smell

· Sore Throat

· Nausea or vomiting

· Diarrhea


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Surfside Elementary School

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Surfside Elementary School provides a safe and positive environment where high quality education occurs for all students.