Counselor Corner

Dear Parents,

First and Second grade students are going to participate in a Friendship Connection lunch group this year. At some point all first and second grade students will get to eat lunch with me in a group of eight to ten students. During lunch we will work on two basic friendship skills-(1) being a good listener and (2) being able to talk or ‘chit chat’ with others. To be a good listener we will practice good eye contact and asking questions of others about what they have shared. Take time at home to make a special effort to talk and listen to each other-complimenting them on their good skills of listening and talking. At the end of lunch we will work cooperatively to complete a puzzle. We will relate the skills that are used to complete the puzzle-sharing, listening to each other, give and take, supporting and encouraging each other, not giving up when it becomes hard or problems arise-to be the same skills we need in getting along with friends.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your child. Together we can work on reinforcing friendship skills with your child that can last a lifetime!


Sandy Simpson

BPS School Counselor