Like China but Better!

The Basics: Location, Weather, Climate, and Physical Features

The Basics of Thailand

Located on the continent of Asia, the beautiful and tropic country of Thailand is placed between the Indian and Pacific oceans. With warm, tropical weather year round you can also enjoy the slight changes in the seasons. Take part in the warm season extending from the months March through May, the cooler season taking place from November through February, and you can even experience the beautiful, soft showers of Thailand if your visit takes place from June through October. Along with the beautiful climate you can undergo some of Thailand's beautiful terrain. Travel to see the exquisite central plains along with the upland plateaus. Take a joyous elephant ride, explore the city, or enjoy peaceful mountain hikes while overlooking the wondrous scenery below.

How to Fit In

Language, Folkways, and Tabboos

In Thailand the official language spoken is Thai. If you don't speak Thai, don't worry! Reference books will be availiable at the airport. In Thailand about 40% of the population revolves around agriculture. Agriculture is a very important aspect in Thailand as it's where they obtain a great amount of their food. Along with agriculture their lives also revolove around family and friends. They try and maintain a very peaceful country and they take pride in their food, language, and culture overall. Along with every folkway, there comes tabboos. Things you should be aware of while you visit is to never disrespect the buddhist monks, it is forbidden under any circumstances. It is also considered disrespectful to lose your temper in public and deface any thai money. And lastly always be friendly to the locals, they're only trying to make your visit to Thailand a trip to remember.

Digging Deeper Into Culture

Subcultures, and Culture Change


While you're on your visit to Thailand you can experience many different subcultures. The two you'll probably come across the most is the Monks and Buddhists. The monks are part of the Buddhist religion and they believe in living under the circumstances of poverty, chastity, and obedience. They are generally higher up in the Buddhist religion. The Buddhists, as mentioned before, are still part of the religion but do not generally live under all the vows that the monks do. They still believe in the values of poverty, chastity, and obedience but not to the same extreme.

Culture Change

Some may think that Thailand has been called Thailand from the beginning of time, but little did you know the orginal name was called Siam and was later changed to Thailand when it became a constitutional monarchy in 1932. There is still room for cultures to change everyday, so come out and experience the beautiful culture of Thailand today!