The Raft Research

Gage Speer

Before plane crash

Robie lives on midway. She went to Honolulu to go see her aunt. Her aunt had to go to work and left Robie at her apartment. She goes to the airport to get a plane to midway because she got scared when she was by herself.

In the ocean

When on the plane one of the engines cut off and crashed in the ocean. She was on a raft with a pilot named Max. They had no food or water. Max died the day after the crash.

On the island

Robie landed on the island of Lisianski she thinks. She collects lighters washed up on the beach to make fire. Bird researchers came to the island and Robie was rescued.

Text to self

This reminded me of going to scout camp one year and the theme of the camp was castaway.

Text to text

This reminded me of a movie called castaway were a plane crashes and a guy lives on an island for a few years.

Text to world

This reminds me of the Malaysian airlines plane that went missing about two years ago.