Uthoff Valley Elementary

Week at a Glance

May 16 - 20th

PLEDGE LEADERS FOR THE WEEK: students from Mrs. Summers & Mrs. Williams' classes

VIKING VIRTUE FOCUS FOR THE MONTH OF MAY: SELF CONTROL - Managing your behavior in a positive way.

Next Week's Important Events

MONDAY - MAY 16 (Out - Kim-AM, Danna & Tina C.-PM)

  • Staff Lounge Clean Up, 5/16 - 5/25 - Everyone (All Staff)
  • 3rd gd Strings rehearsal during specials - gym, 12:40-1:40pm

  • PIE "Advertising and Promotion" - 2nd gd, 2:30-3:30pm in classrooms
  • 5th gd. Strings rehearsal during specials - 2:40-3:40pm, Strings room

TUESDAY CCL – MAY 17 (Out - Glory-PM)

  • Last Day of CCL
  • Weekly PLC Meetings (K&1)

WEDNESDAY – MAY 18 (Out - Corie L.-AD)

  • 2nd gd field trip to MO Botanical Gardens - 9:15-2:00pm
  • 4th gd. field trip to Science Ctr. - 9:00am-1:40pm
  • 3rd gd. Strings Concert, 1pm @ UV
  • 5th gd. rehearsal during specials - 2:40-3:40pm, gym
  • Weekly PLC Meetings (2-5)
  • Please be sure to leave your computers on, but logged off this evening


  • Special Chorus - 8:00-8:50am, Music Room
  • Field Day - see schedule below

FRIDAY – MAY 20 (Out - Danna & Lisa S.-AM)

  • Pat S. Shower - 8:00-8:40am, Room 3
  • 5th gd. rehearsal during specials - 2:40-3:40am, gym
  • 5th gd Vocal & Strings Concert @ RSHS

Upcoming Events

5/23 - Volunteer Appreciation Reception - 2-2:45pm

5/23 - Rock On Assembly - 2:45pm

5/24 - 5th gd Awards Assembly & Celebration

5/25 - Last day of School - Classroom Parties - Early Dismissal

5/26 - Records day for teachers

May Birthdays

16 – Jan Araniecke

23 – Tina Clark

28 – Amy Hurt

29 – James Alsup

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Odds and Ends

Today: Professional Development 1:45 - 4:00

All SSD and Classroom teachers should meet in the library at 1:45. Specials teachers will be working on end of the year projects (Rock-On assembly, final track meet details, preparing for field day, etc.)

  • We will be following up the Number Talks conversation that we began last Friday at the staff meeting. I still encourage you to try a number talk with your students. Start out small (ex. 2+6, 8x9, show them a shape, etc), go through the process Jen shared , and try to use the words "Convince Me". We will check in at our early release PD tomorrow to see how it went for those of you that tried it out.

  • Robin Chamberlin will be sharing updates from the SBGR committee. The are a few changes to progress reports, as well as writing ECOs for next year.

  • We will finish up by talking through the structure and management of writer's workshop. I will provide you with some resources and hopefully get you thinking about how you might want to set it up in your classroom next year. Please bring your "Making Sense of Writer's Workshop" book.

Friday: 25th Birthday Assembly (Wear your 25TH BIRTHDAY T-SHIRT)

We plan to begin promptly at 2:30, so we will start calling classes around 2:15. I will be giving your Time Capsule contribution back to you today. Please choose one student that will present your grade level contribution at the assembly. They will need to simply say "____ grade is adding ______ because____________ ." (ex. 1st grade is adding "selfies" of our classes because everyone takes selfies these days).

Saturday: 25th Birthday Party (Wear your 25TH BIRTHDAY T-SHIRT)

The celebration will take place from 1:00 - 4:00 and everyone is invited! We plan to begin setting up around 11:30 or so if you are available to help. We will also need help cleaning up at 4:00 or if you would rather do that. Bring your family and enjoy the day!! Right now the weather says sunny and 66!

BAS and MM: As you all know the BAS must be administered with every student before the end of the year. BAS folders will be passed on to next year's teacher. Please at least send on the BAS forms for at least for the last test or two you administered. That way the receiving teacher can see your notes about the student. I have also asked the RI teachers to provide you with the forms for the students they tested, so they can be included in their folders, as well. As far as the inside of the folder goes just check the box next the the books you used, so the next teacher is aware of all the books you used with that kiddo. I contacted the testing department to determine if we needed to enter the data into Mastery Manager like we did at the beginning of the year. Since BAS is part of the district assessment plan we will need to enter it into Mastery Manager.

In order to expedite the process I recommend entering each student's data as you finish their test. We will very likely have time on our early release day to enter the data if you have not completed it by then. Here is the link to the instructional video we viewed in April in case you need a refresher.


I know this is one more thing and for that I am sorry. Please let me know if I can help in ANY way.

Last Day of School Schedule - At our last SAC meeting we decided that in order to give classroom teachers a few minutes to write thank yous, etc. that the specials teachers would take the students (as buddies) for a 20 minute recess. We will utilize the schedule below...


Recess: 10:15 - 10:35

Party: 10:45 - 11:30

Lunch: 11:40 - 12:00


Recess (w/5th): 9:15 - 9:35

Party: 11:20 - 12:05

Lunch (w/5th): 12:10 - 12:30

1st /3rd

Recess: 9:45 - 10:05

Party: 11:25 - 12:10

Lunch: 11:00 - 11:20