Mrs. Jansen's First Grade Class

Weekly Newsletter: May 16, 2016

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Community - Character - Achievement - Impact

"The Keysor community works together to support all learners on their journey as empathetic, creative and critical thinkers who actively impact the world around them."

Our final week!

WOW! Just WOW!! Can you believe that?! This week will be our final, five day week together in first grade. As last week, many assessment pieces were completed in mathematics and individual reading assessments. This week we will be concluding our reading comprehension assessments.

Thank you also to our families that joined us during our Spring Fun Run! The kids of course, LOVED it! Hope you enjoy the Pic-Collage, capturing all of their joy!

The children have become quite masterful in their usage of our daily learning choices during our literacy block in the morning and our topics/math choices during the afternoon. As we conclude our year, this model will continue in flexible learning, as well as our flexible spaces.

Our final students of the week will be announced this Friday! However, we also want to celebrate our two recent recipients, Camren and Desmond. Both friends have been extremely caring and helpful during our days together. Keep up the great work!

Special Classes/Weekly Events Schedule:

Monday, May 16th: B Day - Music with Dr. St. Clair
Tuesday, May 17th: C Day - Wellness with Mrs. Ehrlich
Wednesday, May 18th: D Day - Library with Mrs. Ems (lesson only - NO book check-out); Wellness Wednesday for walking, running or riding your bikes to school
Thursday, May 19th: E Day - Art with Mrs. Lang; Walking Field Trip during morning to meet our Pen Pals from Robinson Elementary! Please email respond if you would like to join us!
Friday, May 20th: A Day - FIELD DAY! Our field day experience will be in the afternoon, to begin after our lunch altogether at KHS*


Sight Words and Sound Focus

Our sight words this week are: scramble, again, careful, breakfast, batter

Contraction understanding is growing immensely! This week, our contraction studies will move into "n't" and " 're" combinations in words like couldn't, can't, we're, & you're.

Writing Workshop: Realistic Fiction Story Workshop Continued

More incredible work in story creation by the kids this week. Several are in the publishing process, while other continue to develop their drafts. Each day the children are also experiencing mini-lessons focusing their stories to sequencing of events, adding details and more. As one story ends, another is abounding. Love this time of year!

Addition, subtraction and some missing addend practice!

With our assessments completed, this time of year we will spend in securing our math strategies and review how to solve for missing addends. This work will look very similar to beginning algebra concepts, such as: 10 + __ = 15, what would fill this blank?

Character Study - David & More

Due to our week's study of David extended through all of last week, this week, the children will move into picking out their favorite character of study from our past month, or bring in a stuffed animal of choice (this will be tied to a 'popping' reveal) and tell about it's adventures around Keysor, sharing location, characteristics and behaviors, all in a digital format. So, definitely MORE to come!