Fifth Grade News

Mrs. Getchman ~ October 4 , 2017

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* Grow ~ Worship ~ Serve ~ Give ~ Connect ~ Share *

Learning Targets

ELA: Lesson 4 Double Dutch by Veronica Chambers

* Write a summary putting important events in order

* Use subordinating and coordinating conjunctions

* Practice identifying prepositions in a sentence

* Spell words correctly using the suffixes -ion and -tion

Math: Chapter 2 Whole Number Multiplication and Division

* Multiply by tens, hundreds, or thousands

Social Studies: Chapter 4 Assessment

Religion: Second Step

* Recognize, Report, and Refuse Bullying.


  • Today - Spelling test #4
  • October 10-12- Fifth grade MAP testing
  • October 18 - School Pictures
  • October 26-27 - Conferences
  • October 31 - Halloween Party 2:30

Disciples of Christ


We continue to be very busy. Auditions are going well. I am so impressed with the students' work. Many memorized more than one side and some are starting to act the part rather than just read the part. Pug is a theater professional and will cast according to what she sees in the students' auditions. The show will be cast by Halloween and the actors will receive their scripts at that time.

For your Halloween planning, fifth graders do dress up after lunch that day. We do not participate in the parade. After the little ones parade through, we will have our party. Fifth grade currently only has one parent rep - Christina Cahill. We still need another rep. If you are willing and able, please let me know. We'll need to start planning our Halloween party soon.

Tomorrow is a staff retreat day as we continue our Catechetic Certification. I look forward to a day of reflection as we work to bring Christ into the classroom. We will explore the four great mysteries of our faith: Incarnation, Trinity, Paschal and Eucharist. Sharing my faith with ten and eleven year olds is the best part of my ministry. Thank you for the blessing of spending my days with your children.


Mrs. Getchman

When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose KIND.

September class precept