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Weekly Update


Thanks for all of your hard work and engagement during our Staff Meeting this past Tuesday. I was happy to see us all utilizing technology to collaborate in the development of common language and instructional expectations specific to the BWLS 2020 Vision at BWMS in 2016-17. Great Stuff! Below is work we created. We will have PAC review these statements and add any clarifying ideas to support our continued path twoards the 2020 vision.

Personalize Learning - Teacher is constantly aware of individual student abilities, interests, and/or learning styles and uses that information to make instructional decisions.

  • Personalized instruction allows for students to be challenged at their own level and pace with multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery by incorporating individual interests.

Engaged Students - Students are immersed in the classroom atmosphere- lessons /activities are meaningful, relevant, and add immediate value to their learning.

  • An engaged student demonstrates one or more of the following behaviors: asking and answering questions, displaying critical thinking, making connections, remaining on-task, collaborating, and/or positively contributing to the overall learning community.

Grow Minds - Teacher collects student data and uses it to drive instruction and make class decisions in order to promote student growth.

  • Formative & summative assessments will be our evidence of student learning.
  • Learning Targets will be used as guidelines to achieve purposeful goals and assess student growth/mastery.
  • Data will be used to purposefully and intentionally group students and drive instruction.

Evaluation Determination

Today you should receive the personal evaluation determination criteria in your mailbox. This will list your OTES and evaluation requirements for 2016-17. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to talk to Josh. Here is and outline of the various OTES requirements:

SLO will be created by each teacher and is due no later than Friday, October 7th to the primary evaluator. Please use the following template for your SLO.


Minimum of 2 observations with pre and post conference and 2 walk throughs per cycle.

Off Cycle

1 or 2 off cycle observations depending on when your contract ends. Form Here

Grade Update Day (Today)

Hard to believe we are half way through the first quarter. Please be sure to update your Powerschool grades weekly.

Waiver Day (Monday)

Be sure to review and plan and schedule HERE. Lots of cool things to learn.

High School Auditorium

7:30 - 8:30 - Keynote Speaker Matt Miller (author of Ditch That Textbook)
9:00 - 11:30 - PD Sessions (click for schedule)
11:30 - 12:30 - Lunch
12:30 - 3:30 -

  • 5-8 teacher who have not been through the STAR training will meet in the Learning Center at BWMS.
  • PreK - 8 teachers who don’t need to or have already taken the STAR training will report back to their buildings.
  • Educational Assistants and Intervention Specialists- Laura L will be sending an email today with more details about your schedule.

Spirit Week

Tuesday- PJ day

Wed- Twin or Dress for Success (It’s picture day too)

Thurs- Neon Day

Fri- Eagles Go Hawaiian

I would love to see our School Spirit & Staff Participation!

Picture Day (Wednesday)

Students in Social Studies classes will report to the wrestling room for pictures. Special thanks to our SS department for assisting with this school operational function. Every student needs to have their picture taken. Staff should also have a picture. This gets you in the yearbook, a new ID, and a complementary picture package.

School Safety-Evacuation Drill (Thursday Sept 22nd @1pm)

We will have our first School Safety Drill on Thursday at 1:00pm. This will be an Evacuation Drill in aligned with the ALICE Protocol. ALICE stands for ALERT, LOCKDOWN, INFORM, COUNTER, EVACUATE. Darin will be around to all of our new staff members to the building to discuss our protocol. We will have Dept Snyder at our October Staff Meeting to complete our building refresher.

Tech Time

Check out this online website where you can Research any topic with an interactive concept map, that you can customize and share. It is called and here is a short video Jason created to support you taking the first step. VIDEO

Upcoming Events


16 Grade Update Day

19 Teacher PD Day / Fair Day

19-23 Challenge Day Jeans Week

21 Picture Day 7:45-12:00 Wrestling Rm

23 Homecoming

26 Nuhop @ BWMS 7th Grade

26 SOAR/Team Time Meetings

29 Conferences, 4:00-7:30

29 Pink Out

29 DC Parent Meeting 7:30pm in MS Commons


2 Big Nut Strut

3 PAC Meeting

6 Book Fair @ BWMS

6 Conferences, 4:00-7:30

11 BWMS Staff Meeting

19 End 1st quarter

Staff Door Coverage 9/19/2016

Front Door: Leonard McGann

Back Door: Mocarski Powell