Newton's Third Law

By Alejandra Cuytun

Action? Reaction?

Newton's Third Law of motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction force.
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Serena is kicking the ball causing the ball to go up with force. Her foot is the doing the action and the ball is doing the reaction. The ball is pushing back against her foot.
Newton's 3rd Law of Motion

Cars V.s Bugs

its a sunny day outside and you are just driving around. All of the sudden a bug hits the wind shield. Of course the car is the action and the bug is the reaction. The force of the car just over rules the power of the bug hitting the wind shield.
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Working out

Santa is pushing the bell-bar up. While the bell-bar is pushing down. If the bell-bar had more weight, it could be switched. Instead the bell-bar will be pushing Santa down.