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WPE Community Newsletter - Week of February 28

Message from the Principal

Good Afternoon Whispering Pines Families,

Next week is Read Across America to highlight the importance of reading. While we want to have some fun this week with some daily themes and fun reading activities, we always put a focus on the importance of supporting our learners in becoming proficient readers because it is a FUTURE CHANGER! We know that "academically, children who are not reading on grade level by the end of third grade struggle in every class, year after year, because over 85 percent of the curriculum is taught by reading. Reading is the skill by which students get information from books, computers, worksheets and boards to learn math, science, literature, social studies and more." With the COVID crisis we have more and more students behind in reading development. We work with our students by teaching them how to sound out words (phonics), reviewing site words (memorization) and lots and lots of practice during the day doing independent reading, shared reading and read a-louds. In the early grades, books that are at a learner's independent level are sent home for practice. We are helping to build WORLD LEADERS and leaders must read well. How else can you help, you ask?

Encourage Daily Reading

Research shows that reading every day helps children build reading comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary. Consider these suggestions for supporting your child with daily reading:

Establish a Routine

Designate a specific time for your child to read a book at his or her level for at least 20 minutes every night. For example, set aside time for reading after dinner or before bedtime.

Create a Comfortable Reading Environment

Use pillows, lamps, and comfortable furniture to set up a cozy reading area in your home. Read your own books there to model good reading habits.

Incorporate Fast and Fun Reads

Use magazines, newspapers, recipes, TV schedules, and road signs as reading opportunities. Incorporate quick reading whenever and wherever you and your child happen to be.

Share Workplace Reading

Bring home materials and documents from your job so your child sees the relevance of reading in the workplace and the long-term importance of becoming a successful reader.

Read and Ride

Listen to audio books while traveling by car so your child hears modeled fluent reading. Bring a CD or mp3 player with headphones for your child to listen to audio books while on a train or plane.

Read and Chat

Discuss the books that your child is reading. Ask questions such as: What was your favorite part? Who were your favorite and least favorite characters? Can you think of another ending?

To learn more check out Why Early Learning Matters

Thank you,

Wendy Anaya, Principal

Whispering Pines Elementary


February 28 - March 4 - Read Across America dress-up days (see flyer below)

March 1 - Election Day (No visitors during lunch)

March 14-18- SPRING BREAK

March 21 - Elementary Student Holiday

March 24 - 4th Grade Performance @ 5:30pm/STEAM Night 6:00-7:00pm

March 25- Report Cards go home and are available in HAC

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As a reminder cell phones are not allowed to be used during the day. Once a student walks through the doors the phones must be turned off and put in their backpacks until we walk out of the door for dismissal. Students using their cell phone during the day will have it taken up and placed with the Assistant Principal or Principal for parents to come and pick up. This includes watches that have text and call ability. Thank you for your help.


Please remember that the front entrance is for Daycare and buses ONLY. We will redirect you to the car rider line. When parents come to pickup their "walker" in the front it clogs up the area and the buses and daycares can not get through.


We have many children continuing to arrive after the tardy bell and are missing instruction. Please bring your children to school by 7:45 am if you want them to eat breakfast and leave them the entire day so we can insure they are receiving instruction in all content areas. When they arrive at 8:30 they have missed a lesson. Thank you!


While we try our best to meet with parents for situations that require immediate attention, we are not always available because we are supporting students as they learn and grow. Please contact your teacher directly to set up a conference or krose@humble.isd to schedule a meeting with administration.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get your child to school by 7:45 if you would like them to eat breakfast! We are serving all children breakfast this year. If you want your child to eat at school please get them here by 7:45am so they have time to eat their breakfast before we start class at 8:00. We have many students coming right at 8:00 and then wanting to eat breakfast. We don't want them to miss instruction time.


Our children all love the Panda Mart! Panda Bucks are like gold and they earn them through great behavior and great work and showing Panda Pride. However we could use your help. We can't pay for these items through Title 1 funds so we rely on our teachers and families to make donations. Please check out the link to the Amazon Wish List for items you can donate to the Panda Mart. COME ON....HELP A PANDA OUT!


The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends getting a teeth cleaning and checkup every six months. Dental health is important for overall wellness. Poor dental health can lead to heart disease, cancer, respiratory infections and many other negative health conditions. Spring Break is around the corner and an excellent time for those dental check ups!

Nurse Lindsey


Counselor Corner:

Check out our Counseling 3rd Quarter Newsletter. This will give you information on our guidance lessons and the Great 8 Skill for these 9 weeks, Goal Directed Behavior. During community time, we will be discussing perseverance which is the ability to work through situations even when there are obstacles or challenges in the way. Perseverance will eventually lead to achievements, which are a direct result of hard work and the desire to continue to push through until you have reached your goal. Ways to support this skill at home is to talk about ways that you have persevered in your life. Tell your children strategies that you have used to persevere such as optimistic thinking, positive self-talk, trying a different strategy or deep breathing to help you get through those challenging times.

Elain Dabney

WPE School Counselor


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Library Books

If the student can't find and return the book(s) then they will need to be paid for. Books can be paid for at The notice will tell you how much each book(s) is that the student is missing. Make sure you search for the book(s) because once you pay for it then it belongs to you, even if it is found!

School Store Fundraiser

Hello Parents,

I want to personally thank all the families who have already participated in our SchoolStore fundraiser! We are on our way to reaching our goal, but we need everyone's help to make sure our teachers get the essential tools they need to help our students succeed.

If your family has not participated, there's still time!

This safe and easy fundraiser is 100% online so there is no face-to-face selling, collecting money, or delivering products. Your child will receive a prize just for participating, and more prizes will be awarded when goals are reached.

Please help now. It really will make a difference.

Go to to show our valued teachers your support.


Whispering Pines Elementary School

P.S. Family participation is the key to our success, and we are counting on you!

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Humble ISD Parent University

Social & Emotional Learning Series: Relationship Skills: Virtual April 7 Connecting with others is important! But does your child have the relationship skills to build strong connections? Join us to learn how to support your child in building healthy relationships with others. Register Here
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2021 - 2022 Yearbooks

We are very excited to be able to have a yearbook this year! It is going to be AWESOME. Please pre-order your book to get the pre-order price! PRE-ORDER HERE

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Humble ISD will require that all students or staff with COVID-19 remain away from school until re-entry criteria has been met.

Humble ISD will ask people who are sick, for any reason, to remain home. Parents should send a note or notify the campus in order to excuse the absences.

  • Go to and submit the form online; or
  • email the campus attendance office about the absence; or
  • send a parent note with the student about the absence; or
  • call or fax in a message to the campus.

Humble ISD will share information on resources for COVID-19 testing and vaccination.

Humble ISD asks all positive tests to be reported to the district.