Endangered Species

The Bengal Tiger

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The scientific name for the Bengal tiger is panthera tigris.

The Bengal tigers come from the animalia kingdom.

Their phylum us Chordata, class is mammalia, order is Carnivora, family is felidae, genus is panthera, species is Panthera Tigris .


The height of the Bengal tiger is 3-3.6 ft at shoulder.

They are 4-10ft in length, they weigh from 220-660 pounds, they have black stripes with An orange and white coat.


The Bengal tiger can live up to 8 to 10 years in the wild. But they might not even survive when there Cubs because of the poaching system.

Where can these animals be found?

These animals can be found in; Amur-Heilong, eastern Himalayas, Borneo, and Sumatra,greater Mekong they are native to Asia.


Some of these reserves are located in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, China, and Myanmar.


The Bengal tiger inhabits the climate of tropical rainforests, mangrove swamps, grasslands, Savannas, temperate forests, and on the base of the Himalayan mountains.

Role in ecosystem.

The Bengal tigers role is maintaining the balance of their ecosystems. Sadly, all species of tigers are endangered and therefore the ecosystems in which they live in are endangered as well.

3 Facts about the Bengal tigers.

1. Have lost 93% of their habitats due to human actions.

2. There are only 2,700-4,000 Bengal tigers left in the world.

3. Bengal tigers are hunted for there skin, meat, and their bones for medication.


1. What are some reasons this species is endangered?

They are endangered because they are being hunted for economic and personal reasons.

2. Why is it important to protect this species?

We should save these species because these animals are another beautiful creature God made and it makes a use for it for their ecosystem. Can you imagine these creatures disappear and then your future grandchildren will never see a Bengal tiger face to face.

3. What is being done to protect the species?

Some of the Bengal tigers are being put in captivity in some reserves and tthese animals don't have to worry about poachers now they can relax and do what they do best lie down and look cute. But when you think about it these animals are technically in a prison.

4. What should be done?

In my opinion we should star a new reserve in the United States why well I think that it will be safer in the United States but they should be in there native habitat in Asia.

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