Solar Power

Science project

Solar energy

There are a lot of energies like wind energy, thermal energy, e,t.c. Just like those there is this energy called 'Solar energy'. Light or heat from the sun has been harnessed since the ancient times using a range of ever-evolving technologies. Solar energy is formed by the sun. The sun is one of the stars but it is the hottest star. A part of the sun reflects on the earth. Even a little part of the sun that reflects is really hot. Houses have a solar panel on top of their roof. It is used to get energy from the sun into the house to use electricity such as, computers,television, lights, fans, heaters, oven, e.t.c. The pictures below show how solar power works.


Solar energy requires only a one time production of equipment, it rates far lower in environmental damage than other energy production types. Solar energy has no by productions, no substantial raw material consumption aside from initial construction of panels and little waste material. After 25 or 50 years, when the solar panels fail, they can still be recycled to another form. So the solar power impacts don't impact environment as much as other energies. Solar power is good for our environment.