Danish Rescue

When danish jews that were fleeing to sweden in 1943 arrive at the Refugee Center. They then boat at shoreline then, they see a group of men that are chopping wood. Then the refugee centers give them the needed resources to live so that they can live, and live in peace. Warned of the German plans, Jews began to leave Copenhagen, where most of the almost 8,000 Jews in Denmark lived. The Danish responded quickly, organizing a nationwide effort to smuggle the Jews by sea to neutral Sweden. With the help of the Danish people, they found hiding places in homes, hospitals, and churches.

The danish rescue effected the people by changing their whole way of life. It changed their life in many ways. The main way was that it made them move and it caused them to rely on people that they usually would never rely on. Later in 1943, Pan refugees meet up at reception hall in Sweden. CU, baby, children. The Pan refugees were the people that were deciding what to do in this situation during the german attack on the danish jews. On September 28, 1943, George Ferdinand Duckwitz, who was a German diplomat, secretly informed the danish jews of the german plans.
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The danish jews were trying to escape from the germans. They left to a refugee center to seek help, refuge, and even food and other resources. The main reason they were running is because the germans were attacking the danish jews and trying to rid them of that country and the world, because the germans thought everyone else including jews were inferior. The main thing was the only reason that alot of them were able to escape in time is because a german guy had informed them of the german plans before the attack.