Animal Experimentation

Do animals deserve the same rights as humans?

What is Animal Experimentation?

  • using animals to test the safety or effects of a product or a lab experiment
  • started around mid to late 1800's
  • many companies around the world use animal experimentation

Background Information

Animal experimentation has been debated over for many, many years now. Lots of people think it is helpful for medical research, cosmetic safety, and many other things that can benefit humans. But with all of these benefits there has to be a cost. Over 100 million animals are killed in lab experiments each year, with numbers still growing.


  • helps people learn medical info that can be used to help prevent diseases
  • it can help us test the safety of products that can potentially be harmful
  • people benefit off of the causes, or in other words, the animal's life is not wasted


  • you would be harming an animal
  • there are other techniques available, but the animal has to lose it's life instead
  • the researcher/doctor will most likely get hurtful things said to them
  • when animal dies without results, you would've wasted its life


I believe that animals should be able to be given the same rights as humans for many reasons. First, hurting an animal is almost the same as hurting a person. Animals are close relatives to humans and abusing then is wrong. Also, if there are other techniques available then why waste an animals life when it is unneeded? Instead of violating an animal's rights we can use newly found technology to perform experiments on, and get the same results as we would while testing on an animal. Lastly, animals feel pain just like people do. It is wrong to make them go through that much pain when you might not even get the results you need. So, overall animals deserve the same rights as people, because after all, they are almost just the same as us.
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