Perth buying club deliveries

Fremantle and Wembley Areas

Thursday 23 April 2015

Wembley: 12.00pm 83 Pangbourne Street, Wembley*

Fremantle / Coolbellup area
: 2.00 pm 6 Miranda Crescent, Coolbellup*

*Please note time change from previous delivery.

what's available?

Please note that due to seasonality of our product, we are presently at the end of our summer production and therefore we have limited availability of ALL products. Autumn production is well underway however - we are pleased to report that our Sommerlad birds are back but not quite at full production yet.

So, we have limited supply of both Ross and Sommerlad, we will look to accommodate your needs as much as possible.

Thanks all for your patience and understanding.

How much?

Whole chickens: Ross @ $15/kilo (subject to availability) and Sommerlad @ $17/kilo

Livers: apologies, but currently unavailable, back next month!

Feet: 1kg packs @ $4.00/ kilo (limited supply, and preference to those who missed out last time :).

How do I order?

1. Place your order by emailing Michelle on Specify numbers and type of chicken. Payment is cash on delivery (online store in progress, making pre-payment and ordering smoother).

2. Arrive at the host residence at the appropriate time to pay and collect your order. Please note pick up times are 30 minutes only. Please bring an appropriate bag or something to safely take your chicken home!

3. Enjoy! Check out these great ideas from south-west naturopath and nutritionist Sally Gray about four different ways to enjoy your pastured chicken :) For more ideas, please visit the cooking tips and recipes section on our website.