My Fable

Ashley Hendricks

The Young Bird and His Wings

Once there was a young bird. Long ago, birds had to wait until they were grown up to get their wings. But this bird was so eager to get his wings; he would do anything to get them! There were no birds his age, so he would play with the older birds. He couldn’t do much though, because they all had their wings and spent most of their time flying. So the little bird ended up playing up in the clouds with the sky children. His best friend, Carl, would send a cloud down to bring him up. They spent hours playing many games, pretending they could fly.

One day when Carl and the young bird were playing, a bird shot straight up through the clouds. One bird fell and lies still on the cloud connected to them. His wings were the most beautiful wings in the land. “Isn’t it a shame,” said the young bird, “that those extraordinary wings have to go to waste?” and before Carl could say anything, the young bird ran over to the bird and bit the wings right off! He stuck them into the stubs where his own wings would soon grow. “This is not a very smart idea.” Carl said. “You don’t know how to fly!” “I’ll be fine,” said the young bird. Without warning, the young bird jumped of the edge of the fluffy pillow and went down, farther and farther out of Carl’s sight. The young bird couldn’t control them, since he had never flown before. He hit the ground, and never saw the light of day again.


Patience is key.