The Sochi Olympics

NJ-SP Newsletter Project

Newsletter Assignment Information and Examples!

This is where you should include lots of information about the Olympic Sport you were researching! This should be error-free .... no typos, capitalization, great grammar! The information should be concise and direct ... so people get as much information as possible in the minimum amount of words! Give this a try! It's great!

Get into the spirit! Dream big! Catch Olympic fever!

Things to include in this project!

Include 3 related pictures and articles that match approximately in length like the above paragraphs. Include a related video that is linked as shown above. Include a closing paragraph here that gives a strong closing to your newsletter! :-) Include information - like the meeting announcement below ... and the video add ons - to complete this project! Go for the GOLD!

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Want to try out for an Olympic sport? Visit our clinic for information!

Monday, Feb. 24th, 2:45pm

950 Campbell Dr

North Judson, IN

Meet in the C5 lab following school for further information!
Best Of The Winter Olympics
Official Song of Team USA 2014: "Everything Will Change" by Gavin DeGraw