E Safety

Personal Information

Phishing, theft, cyber bullying

Although the internet is safe there are times when it can't so in this leaflet I shall tell you how to stay safe and to deal with any phishing, theft and cyber bullying.

One of the key things to stay safe on the internet is having a strong password containing letters, numbers and punctuation. Weak passwords are easy for hackers to get in to and collect personal information such as bank details and birthdays.

Phishing is a type of spam that gets you to give information about you and your bank details which they could then use to steal money from your bank accounts. Most computers have a spam folder and will automatically separate it from your normal emails but sometimes it can get mixed so check the spam folder regularly. If you click on a spam email and put you details in its not to late as your bank will be able to recognise the spammer and give you back the money stolen.

Theft is very much like phishing. People send fake emails and ask for details which they then use to steal money from your bank account.

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