Women On the VERGE ...




Tired of 'being on the cusp'?

Let's face it, it sometimes seems like we've been there (on the cusp) forever.

We've all heard it. 2016 is the year for moving beyond it, capitalizing on your hard work, getting over the hump, past the tipping point, and celebrating.



stands in awe of those who give fabulous presentations, (...and says to yourself "I wish I could do that") or someone who has never even pictured yourself giving presentations but somehow knows that 'if you could do that' others just might take you more seriously?

It's time ladies! The world is waiting to HEAR YOUR VOICE

And the GREAT news....


"The moment in between who you once were and who you are becoming is where the dance of life really takes place."

- Barbara De Angelis


* To know yourself in a way that you never
* A community of powerful women to support, love,
* Clarity around your next steps.
* An unforgettable experience.
* The courage to be absolutely yourself, no matter what.
* Gifts buried deep inside of you.
* Clarity about who you are and what's been in the way of your greatness.
* Opportunity to see what it feels like to show up - being completely you.


The mission of this retreat is to get past the cusp and experience the breakthrough.

LOGISTICS - 3-DAY RETREAT in Colorado Rockies

This 3-day Breakthrough Retreat for Women is all about you having a BIG breakthrough in the area that is most troubling for you at the moment (no matter what that area means). It is specifically designed to challenge you, to help you discover some edges, and to learn what it means to 'be yourself' in front of an audience and in front of you ... and all in a completely supportive, light-hearted and creative way.

During the Retreat we'll be doing some group exercises as well as individual practice exercises. There is NOTHING to PREPARE, nothing to write, no need to be clever, just a requirement to show up and be fully present!


Who Is This For?

This is for any woman who knows she wants to feel more like herself while speaking in front of a group. You might be a woman starting a new businesses (and recognize that speaking might be important part of your plan). You might be a stay-at-home mom wondering what you're going to 'do next'. You might even be someone that has to speak as part of your life (but you still dread or chose to avoid it whenever possible). The common denominator is that you feel some anxiety when thinking about speaking (...and you definitely don't feel like yourself).

Is this Anything like ToastMasters?

It's more like an alternative to Toastmasters. Like Toastmasters, this class gives you lots of opportunities to practice. But unlike Toastmasters, the focus for this class is not on a 'right way and wrong way' to give a talk. Instead the focus for this class is on learning to be comfortable being yourself.

Will I be Working on Writing A Speech?

No....or at least not as part of this workshop. We'll be doing lots of exercises and practices that help you experience being authentic 'on stage' but there is nothing to prepare. But don't let that fool you - once you get comfortable, the writing becomes the easy part.

"By far, the most powerful personal improvement class I have taken"

“I joined the Art of Speaking Up class because I wanted to learn and practice better ways to 'think on my feet’. I got that and a whole lot more. The most valuable take away for me was getting first-hand experience being fully ‘in my body’ while speaking. My comfort level soared in ways I didn't think possible."

- Nadya, Boulder, CO


When. . . 9:30am - 12:00noon Saturday January 9th, 2016

Where. . .InCahoots Meeting Space (4800 Baseline) Boulder, CO 80308

Price . . . $150.00

What a difference a day makes...

IMAGINE: feeling more comfortable, more energized, and more confident about speaking in just 1 morning .... AND having fun doing it.

Your guide

Debbie Sipowicz is the founder of Creatively Empowered, LLC (www.CreativelyEmpowered.com), a business dedicated to helping women find their voices and make a difference in the world. She is a 3-time entrepreneur with over 20 years experience including co-founding one business that grew to over 65 employees. Debbie enjoys helping women step into their power in ways that are creative, fun and deeply authentic. She currently teaches women’s speaking classes, leads women’s online writing groups, and facilitates women’s leadership circles. She wholeheartedly believes nothing but ‘good things’ come from showing up in the world, fully, completely & as authentically you.

Want to Join us?

Art of Speaking Up Workshop

Saturday, Jan. 9th, 9:30-11:30am

Boulder, CO

RSVP here (below this line) for Art of Speaking Up Workshop For Women (Saturday January 9th 9:30-11:00am in Boulder) and I'll send you details and a link to register.


ask away. Call debbie at (650) 440-5103 or email debbie@creativelyempowered.com