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~ For Everitt Families: April 14, 2023 ~

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Dear Everitt Families:

This week we had our first task force meeting for our equity and culture task force. There are some photos of our work below. It was a privilege to hear from those who were able to join us. We discussed what equity, restorative practices, discipline, and engagement mean and built a vision of what that can look like at Everitt. Next time, we will look at some Everitt data and begin the work of transformation. It isn't too late to join! Our next meeting is on Thursday, April 27th from 2:45-3:45 pm.

Our 8th graders did a great job this week on their CMAS science tests and all we have left to do is make-ups! We are so proud of our students for how hard they worked during testing this year!

Next Friday is our Everitt musical. Our musical theatre students have been dancing, singing and acting all semester in preparation for this show. Bring your family and come see Seussical the Musical at Wheat Ridge High School at 6:30 pm on Friday!

As we move into warmer weather (today's weather notwithstanding), I wanted to share a quick reminder of our dress code. Often our kids have grown quite a bit (I know mine has!) since the last time we were in shorts weather and things don't fit quite like they did in the fall. We are working to stock up our Hub so if we can help with some warm-weather clothes for your child, let us know. See the image below for details about the dress code.

There are two special events coming up in our community that I'd like to highlight so that you can get them on your calendars. Vivian New Classical Academy and Wilmore Davis Elementary will be holding community celebrations/closing ceremonies in early May. These two wonderful schools have been home to amazing kids, families, and educators for decades. We are so grateful for both of the schools and for all that they've done for the Wheat Ridge community. If you are able, I hope that you will join the Vivian and Wilmore Davis communities for these celebrations. I know they would love to see you!

Thank you for supporting and believing in your neighborhood school. It is our privilege to partner with you!


Amanda Pouliot, Principal

Everitt Middle School




Equity & Culture Task Force

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What's Happening Next?

Thurs 4/20 ~ Late start for students 8:59 am

Fri 4/21 ~ Sea Camp Hat Day $1

Fri 4/21 ~ Musical Theatre Festival @ WRHS

Thurs 4/27 ~ Day Without Hate

Thurs 4/27 ~ 7th Grade Dance "Through the Decades" 4:00-6:00 pm


Mon 5/1 ~ PTA/SAC Meeting 6:30/7:30 pm (rescheduled)

Thurs 5/4 ~ District Late Start 9:21 am

Sat 5/6 ~ Vivian New Classical Academy Closing Ceremony 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Tues 5/9 ~ Battle of the Books 6:00-7:30 pm

Wed 5/10 ~ Wilmore-Davis Celebration 5:00-7:00 pm

Fri 5/12 ~ Wellness Day

Everitt Happenings...

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Dress Code Reminder

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2022-2023 Bell Schedule

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Check out the April issue of the student-written Monthly Scoop below:





Our focus is on building lasting connections between families, getting to know our student’s teachers, and creating opportunities to come together as a community, valuing our diversity and celebrating our differences.

The final PTA meeting of the school year will be MONDAY, May 1st - please mark your calendars accordingly.

WE NEED YOUR EXPERTISE & CONNECTIONS: Everitt is hosting a Wellness Day in on May 12th focusing on Wellbeing (including Physical, Emotional, Financial, and Social/Community). The school is looking to bring in presenters and activities throughout the day. Are you an expert or specialist in one of these areas or do you know anyone who might be interested in participating? Examples are dance, yoga, martial arts, cooking, nutrition, budgeting, volunteer activities, etc.! Please email everittpta@gmail.com and we will be in touch with more details!

Say CHEESE - Photo booth donations needed:

Thank you to the 6th grade parents who so generously donated money for a photo booth at the 6th grade dance! It was such a huge hit that PTA is raising funds for photo booths for the 7th grade and 8th grade dances. The cost of each photo booth is approximately $350. If you would like to donate to the cause, please Venmo @Everitt-Middle with a note that says "photo booth donation." Thank you so much for considering!

PTA Board Elections:

PTA voted on our Officers for the 2023-2024. Our current Board was re-elected to serve another term. Officers are as follows:

Dan Weinstein, President

Alexis Haws, Vice President

Kristine Saperstein, Secretary

Emily Ceccanti, Treasurer

Leslie Weinstein, Volunteer Coordinator

Check out our PTA page for reminders, important dates and meeting minutes: https://everitt.jeffcopublicschools.org/family_resources/p_t_a , and join our FaceBook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/everittpta .

We are always open to new ideas on how to bring our great Everitt community together and look forward to learning from each other. Please feel free to send any questions or suggestions to the PTA at EverittPTA@gmail.com or to me directly at dan.b.weinstein@gmail.com or 720-291-1435.

Thank you,


CLICK HERE! To Join our Everitt PTA Facebook Page

Connection and up-to-date information available here for all Everitt Families and Staff.

Service-Learning Class Food Donation to Family Tree

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7th Grade Dance

Hello 7th Grade Parents,

We are looking for help with snacks and beverages as well as chaperones for the upcoming 7th grade dance. The Student Council is working hard planning the "Through the Decades" dance. Please sign up to either supply a treat or chaperone (or if you would like you could sign up for both). We are also looking for monetary donations to help pay for the awesome picture booth. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you so much!


Mike O'Connor

Everitt Middle School Math


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Clubs & Activities

Students are always welcome to join a club already in session! If your child is interested in a particular club that isn't being offered, have them reach out to a teacher or staff member to ask them if they would be willing to sponsor it. Most of our clubs are born of student interest.

Here are the clubs and their meeting days:

After School Help - Mondays & Thursdays 2:30-3:00 pm

Chess Club - Mondays 2:30-3:30 pm

Cross Country - Mondays 2:45-4:15 pm

Fitness Club - Tuesday & Thursdays 2:40-3:30 pm. We have a limit of 20 so please let Mr. Gold or Mr. Black know that you will be attending.

GSA - Mondays 2:30-3:30 pm

Junior Optimist Club - Mondays 2:35-3:30 pm

Mountain Bike Club - Fridays 2:30-3:30 (weather permitting)

Native Student Group - Tuesdays 2:30-3:30 pm

Theatre Guild - Thursdays 2:30-4:00 pm


Hello Parents and Participants,

Thank you for signing up for the Track Team at Everitt Middle School.

The 2023 JeffCo League Track Schedule for Everitt Middle School is available for viewing on teamsideline.com/sites/jeffcoleague.

Meets will take place on either Tuesday or Thursday, replacing practice for that day. Please review the schedule and make sure you are aware of what meets you are attending and your responsibility at those meets. Coaches are responsible for assisting/running a specified event at designated meets. This can also be a parent volunteer provided they are available for the duration of the meet and have experience and/or a good understanding of the JeffCo League Track & Field Rules.

Responsibilities are as follows and will be denoted beside the schools name.

  • Host (H)
  • Starter (ST)
  • Shot Put (SP)
  • Long Jump (LJ)
  • Finish Line (FL)
  • Starting Line (SL)


  • 3 events max per athlete at each meet.
  • All participants are required to wear their team/school shirt for games along with athletic shorts/pants and shoes.
    • Dress appropriately and bring layers as game may extend into the evening and weather conditions can change.
    • Come prepared with sunscreen, water, and a snack (Meets can be long)
  • Parents are required to provide transportation to and from away games – Carpooling is a big help.

I have attached the 2023 JeffCo League Track & Field Rules for your reference. These rules must be upheld by all participants, parents, coaches, and officials at all times. League Rule violations will result in disciplinary action. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you and good luck to our teams!

Mackey Power | Athletic & Facility Coordinator

City of Wheat Ridge | Parks & Recreation

CALL: 303-205-7567

VISIT: 4005 Kipling St | Wheat Ridge, CO 80033



Liam M. - Liam comes to class ready and eager to learn every day. He is a positive member of his small group adding thoughtful comments and helping everyone's understanding.

Great job!

Jackson E. - Jackson enters the classroom every day ready and willing to do the work necessary to understand. He advocates for himself and works well with his small group to deepen understanding of new and difficult concepts.

Xzavier G. - Xzavier constantly tries new things in PE and leads by example. He is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone and participate in newer activities and sports. Xzavier is also open to including all students and participating with all individuals in class!

Kieren C. - Kieren brings her own unique perspective to learning. She encourages her group to continue thinking and striving to understand the ideas better. Great job!

Daphne W. - Daphne is a quiet supportive presence in math class. She works with her group and asks questions until she is satisfied she understands. Way to go!

Cy S. - Cy always lifts all others up with his positive attitude. He constantly supports everyone in our class and makes sure they feel welcome and included. Cy's positivity makes our class a community and a great environment to be a part of!

Maya W. - Maya comes to class ready to learn and eager to understand new ideas. She is always cheerful and pleasant, any one working in her group is treated kindly. Way to go!

Erin H. - Erin includes every member of her small group in the thinking and learning. She explains her ideas and asks thoughtful questions of her partners. Fabulous! Erin is an amazing leader. She is quick to come up with ideas for our school and includes others. She brings a good attitude and works hard. Erin includes everyone in our PE class and sets a positive example for everyone to follow and look up to. She always makes sure that everyone is included and has a chance to be successful, no matter the activity that is being done. Erin has a positive attitude constantly and this positivity radiates to all others in class.

Adam M. - Adam is always positive and cheerful. He helps deepen understanding of ideas by asking great questions. Other students in his group benefit from his thinking and explaining.


Andilynn L. - Andi has been amazing at coming up with ideas for our school in Sources of Strength. She helped with the We Belong campaign in Sources to get the word out.

Della S. - Della took a positive risk and helped a student be successful at the activity that we were doing, and as a result helped build a positive environment for all students to be a part of!

Millie S. - Millie went out of her way to help a student be successful while in PE. Millie showed great empathy and leadership by helping a student succeed. By doing so Millie helped great a positive and supportive class community. She constantly leads by a positive example and a positive attitude.

Rysaiah R. - Rysaiah has worked extremely hard to catch up his academics after an extended absence.

Adleigh E. - Adleigh is persistent in her quest for knowledge. She will continue to work on a concept until she believes she has a solid understanding. Well done!

King S. - King always comes into PE and has motivation to try new activities and work with all students. He channels his energy positively and has a great attitude. King goes out of his way to check on everyone and make sure that they are alright. King helps make our classroom a stronger community by leading by example and having such a positive energetic attitude.

Vuk B. - Vuk is an incredible leader in Sources of Strength. The videos created have been fun to see examples of adult leaders in our school.

Bricelyn B. - Bricelyn always has a positive attitude and smile on her face while in PE. She includes all students while playing and makes sure they have the opportunity to be successful and feel included. Her positivity and positive example make our PE class much more inclusive and welcoming to everybody. Bricelyn isn't afraid to try new things and include everyone and work with different groups of students.

Bobby R. - Bobby shows up everyday ready to go. I love talking about the Av's with him. He is a bright light in our school.

Lydia M. - Lydia always has a positive attitude coming into PE and is ready to get going every day. Her positivity helps all others feel included and welcome. Lydia's positivity is infectious and makes all others smile and feel happy as well. She makes sure that everyone has the ability and opportunity to be successful.

Eliza R. - Eliza has a big heart and cares about her friends and classmates. She wants everyone to feel included and seen.

Cristian G. - Cristian found something at recess that could have been harmful to others. He chose to notify me and turn it in to keep others safe. Nice job showing integrity and doing the right thing!

Adrian D. - Adrian always has a positive attitude and helps others around him be positive as well. He constantly has a smile on his face no matter what we are playing. Adrian steps out of his comfort zone and tries all activities and leads by a positive example.

Everitt Middle School

With foundations of equity and excellence, Everitt empowers and inspires our students as individuals, lifelong learners, and creative critical thinkers to engage in authentic learning and contribute meaningfully to their communities and their world.