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As a law firm that has served the community by advising our clients in legal matters for 20 years, Payton and Associates want to educate our clients on how legal proceedings work and exercise caution when it comes to the Justice System. There are two types of cases, civil and criminal cases. In civil cases, there is a plaintiff or the person who files the complaint and a defendant or the person whom the complaint was filed against. In criminal cases, instead of a plaintiff there is a prosecutor. If it is a civil case, the defendant will receive a summons. If it is a criminal case, the citation given or jail release forms will show the court date. When the court date arrives, the court proceedings will start with pleadings in a civil case OR the plaintiff and defendant can opt to having mediation in order to talk out and solve whatever civil issue. Using a mediator is also legally known as arbitration. In a criminal case, the prosecutor will indict you and either the client’s lawyer or a client themselves will begin with the defense they prepared OR a client can opt to having a pretrial conference and take a plea bargain offered by the prosecutor. If a client who is being charged decides to opt out of taking a plea bargain, the client’s case will go to trial AS WELL AS if a mediator can not resolve the civil issue nor have it disposed via motion, the civil dispute will also go to trial. In civil cases, the jury is instructed to determine which party has preponderance of evidence, and return a verdict in that person’s favor. In a criminal case, after the jury has examined all evidence, they will deliberate a return a verdict of guilty or not guilty. If parties in a civil case don’t like the verdict, either party may appeal to a higher court. In a criminal case, only the defendant has the right to appeal in most states.

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