Technology rules for Parents


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12 Technology tips and rules for Parents

  • Don't open or click on pop-up advertisements because it may cause a virus. A virus is like a bug that goes into your computer and spreads into other computer programs.
  • Cover your webcam so that hackers won't be able to creep. {Look at paragraph 1 for more info}
  • Don't post to much information, such as; "I am going to Seattle this weekend" as it may inform others that your house will be empty, which could lead to a robbery
  • Nothing you send, post, or type is NOT confidential as it may be tracked
  • Don't text and drive
  • Don't post your location as it may be tracked or to personal
  • Change your settings to private because you never now whose on the other side of the screen watching
  • Always keep your phone or device charged because in the case of an emergency it can be a great use of help
  • Keep all negative thoughts to yourself because if you were in the others position would you want it said to you?
  • Talk to people you know
  • Set a good example: Don't always use your device always leave time for family and friends instead of checking your sisters status update
  • Don't text and drive, you might think you're capable of it, but is it really worth putting yours and others life in danger

Paragraph 1: Covering your webcam

Make sure you cover your webcam once you are done using it. If you have a laptop that comes with a built in webcam you can do this by covering with a sticker, a post it note, coloured tape. If you have a separate camera it usually comes with a lid that you could flip or slide. It is important to cover your webcam because creepers may be watching you from where you are and you may never know. You never know a hacker is watching you because there are ways the hacker may turn off the blinking light that is usually on when the camera is in use. Some ways to figure out if your webcam is hacked is if you have a laptop your battery will drain much faster, and if you have a separate webcam you will notice that the webcam will blink occasionally.
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Paragraph 2: Set a good example

Setting a good example is very important with all the technology we have around us. Before you type, send, etc. think about how someone else would feel if you were doing this and if your family would be okay with it. When speaking to someone over a phone line/cell be careful of what you say or gossip about as someone or anyone could be listening.

The following video is about texting and driving

It Can Wait Texting and Driving Simulator - AT&T Annual Report 2012


  • "I like my new telephone, my computer works just fine, my calculator is perfect, but Lord, I miss my mind! " -Unknown
  • "The science of today is the technology of tomorrow." -Edward Teller
  • "Whereas knights of old wore armer of plate, the modern knights of the air wear the invisible but magic armer of confidence in technology" -Mike Spick
  • "Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons." -R. Buckminster Fuller

The life cycle of a virus

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