Technology Rules for Parents

By sabreen 8m

Rules you Should Follow & Be Aware of with Technology

-You should be alert that sharing your personal information could lead to identity theft and other bad causes against you.

-Have a certain time limit on using devices.

-Cyber bullying could cause to high levels of self-confidence or even death (for ex;Amanda Todd).

-People could hack your own accounts and say things that are under your name.

-Could lead yourself to digital peer aggression.

-Publicity could cause a major effect, if you post unwanted material on your wall.

-Posting ,saying ,or doing inappropriate behaviour could lead to dis-employment in jobs.

-If you are not sure how to use your device get help from people who have a higher knowledge of technology, so you you don't cause any problems.

-Be sure you are aware that not ALL accounts are reassured to be the correct person, there are many accounts that are disguised as someone.

-Be aware that pop-ups and other advertisements could be viruses that could have an effect against your device, so you should ignore and immediately cancel the pop-up or any other 'virus'.

-Set restrictions for your technology.

-Clearly look through terms and conditions, for future problems that could happen.

-Do not use cell phones while your driving because it could lead to death, car crash, or severe injuries.

-A way to prevent this situation is to use a blue tooth or not answer calls or texts during your drive.

Be Safe

If you are aware of your surroundings and know these aspects of technology, you shouldn't be scared to post or share information. Because you know the problems it will cause towards you.

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What technology rules and guidelines should parents implement with their children?

Technology Guidelines Parents Should Follow