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Walk to School a Great Success!

We had 106 students join us for our first walk to school event! A large group of staff and staff children left RLS at 7:40 and joined a group of students waiting for us on the common about 7:50. Children had time to run around the Common and play prior to our 7:55 departure. At one point, a staff member turned to me and said, "They are coming from everywhere!" It was cool to look out and see RLS kids coming towards us from every direction. Students reported having more energy and being ready to start their day.

I was asked by many students, "Can we do this again next week?" For now, we will have a monthly walk to school. Depending on participation and interest, we may increase that in the spring. I look forward to walking with many of you the first Wednesday of each month and hope to see many of you on Wednesday, November 5th.

We are looking forward to another week of fun and learning at RLS! One highlight to look forward to will be our first all school assembly of the year. At the end of the day on Thursday we will gather together to hear about our Socktober challenge from Kid President. If you can't wait until Thursday to learn about this challenge, click here to read an article on this event. You can also click here to visit the official Socktober page.

To kick off our Socktober challenge we will be having a Crazy Sock Day on Friday. Click here for ideas from another school that may help your child brainstorm how he/she can join in the spirit!

I hope you have a wonderful week and am looking forward to seeing many of you at this week's Parent Information Night - see below for more information!

Ms. V

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Please join us for our October PIN (Parent Information Night) on Thursday, October 16th. The focus of this evening will be a curriculum overview. Teachers will be doing a 15 minute presentation in classrooms to highlight the learning that takes place at RLS each day. Parents will choose three topics they would like to learn more about and travel to those sessions. Each session will run three times - @7:05, 7:25 and 7:45.

Currently the following topics will be discussed:

  • K-2 Literacy (Fundations, Writer's Workshop and Reader's Workshop) with Mrs. Cranston, Mrs. Ellis and Mrs. Sheldon (K-2)
  • Reader's Workshop with Mrs. Franklin and Mrs. Josephson (K-6)
  • Math Workshop with TBD (K-6)
  • Science with Mr. McNiff (K-6)
  • WINN=What I Need Now with Ms. Vincentsen (New reinforcement/extension block for 2014-2015 school year)
  • Writer's Workshop with Ms. Barringer and Mrs. Clark (3-6)

Monday, October 13th: No School, Columbus Day

Thursday, October 16th: October PIN: Curriculum, 7:00-8:00

Saturday, October 18th: Playground Celebration, 3:30

Tuesday, October 21st: Picture Make-ups

Wednesday, October 22nd: Early Release, 11:30 Dismissal

Friday, October 24th: PTO Halloween Fun Night, K-3, 6:15 gathering @ Common

Tuesday, November 4th: No School, PD Day

Wednesday, November 5th: Walk to School Day, 7:55 departure from Common

Wednesday, November 5th: PTO Meeting

Tuesday, November 11th: No School, Veteran's Day

Thursday, November 13th: School Committee, 7:00

An Important Safety Reminder

Thank you to all families who drop off in the morning for working to not get to RLS until 8:00 when supervision is available. We appreciate you working with us to maintain a safe arrival.

I would also ask that we work on driving in the parking lot in the mornings. If buses are in the lot, vehicles can not enter the outer loop and, instead, should loop down to drop off at the cross walk. Please work to keep speeds very slow as children are in the lot walking towards the school.

Practice Makes Perfect :)

Dear Parents and Guardians Grades 2-6,

We are excited that our students can now practice their typing at home! Please find attached information regarding the new Type To Learn 4 web site that your child can access from home.

Your child’s username is the year he/she graduates high school, the 1st letter of the 1st name and the last name. Example; John Doe a grade six student’s user name would be: 21jdoe There are no spaces. If your child has a hyphen included in his/her last name, part of the name may have been dropped, but your child should be familiar with his/her log in. The Password is; go123

The year of graduation for the following grades is :

Grade 6- 21

Grade 5- 22

Grade 4- 23

Grade 3- 24

Grade 2- 25

Thank you,

Media Specialists Team