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This novel is about a 12 year-old boy, Michael, who has a passion for baseball. But there is one catch, he has to keep quiet. He came over on a boat from Cuba to Florida with his dad, Papi, and his brother, Carlos. Since then, his father has died. Carlos is only 17 so if they get caught they could be sent back to Cuba or split up in the states. Once Carlos turns 18 he can file for custody of Michael. Michael can pitch 80 mph. But some of the coaches have complained about him, they think he is older than 12. And he is suspended until his birth certificate is found. With the help from Ellie, her dad, El Grande (a pitcher for the Yankees) they contact Cuba and find the certificate. Michael uis now able to play, and go to Williamsport, PA for the Little League World Series





The setting in his book goes all over New York City. But Michael spends most of his time at the baseball field in Macombs Dam Park (actual picture) dreaming about playing for the Yankees someday at Yankee Stadium. Michael spends other time at home on 825 Gerard Street in the Bronx and eating McDonalds with Manny.



Pictured Below is 825 Gerard from the view of Yankee Stadium. 825 is the building closest to Yankee Stadium.


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Carl Hiaasen, author of "Hoot"

"Heat is a terrific book for every kid who dreams big, and for every mom and dad cheering in the bleachers. Mike Lupica has written another winner."

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Ryan M. --> Flyer Creator

Ryan loves baseball, and it has been his favorite sport since second grade. Ryan currently has one dog named AJ, he is a cockapoo. Although, Ryan has had three dogs his whole life. Ryan would recommend this book to any boy who has a love for sports. But this is definitely a "must read" for all baseball fans.