The Mommy Life

Princess Analese


They Delevired my package , right from my tummy , literally ( C-Section)! Anyway , they pulled my little marshmallow out and all I could do was cry. She was literally the color of a marshmallow. The doctors asked if I was crying tears of joy but of course after 9 days overdue , 3 days in labor and a c section I was crying from relief and crying from how excited I was to see my daughter. I Couldint believe my baby was born. I Couldint see her or hold her right away because they wanted to make sure she didn't catch my fever , so my daughter got shipped away to the nicu but before she went I got to give her a kiss but it was hardly a kiss , my lips quivered too much from me crying. Everyone got to see my princess Analese before I did. When I was able to walk just a little I was on my way to see her for what I felt like was the first time and I Couldint Beileve what beautiful thing came from such a horrible situation ! I guess that's how God works sometimes ....
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My Growing Baby

My Baby is almost 5 months now ! Oh how the time flies and I wish she was still just weeks. she knows who I am , she knows my face , she knows my voice and I swear I hear hers everywhere I go. The mommy life is exhausting , maybe for regular mommies it's not but a teenage mommy going to school and working is pretty exhausting. I feel like I haven't slept a whole night sence I was pregnant, but that's okay cause princess Analese Mishelle is everything I ever wanted. She smiles when I smile and I smile when when she does. She has her own little personality at almost 5 months. She never cries , only when she's hungry or she wants to mommy loving. She's so perfect in my eyes and as I right this I could go on an on about how having a daughter is amazing cause she's amazing , BUT I'm so exhausted , eyes closing as I right this . Multiple times waking up , princess doesn't wanna stay asleep sometimes at night , can't take a nap because of work , I'm so exhausted ...
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