Get Ready for Course Selection!!

Timeline for UG Advising & Registration for SPRING 2022

9/29 - 10/27

Advisement for Inclusive Early Childhood/Childhood majors

(INCH majors must meet remotely with their INCH major advisors during this period and be approved for registration.)

by Mid-October

  • Students' registration start date/time is viewable in the blue bar on the Student Planning Spring 2022 Schedule View (only viewable until the assigned day/time passes).
  • Spring 2022 course schedule viewable in NazNet Self-Service.

10/28 - 11/12

Advisement for course selection.

11/4 - 11/12

Registration through NazNet Self-Service. Students are assigned to one of 3 start times on one of the designated registration days (11/4 - 11/12): 8:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m., or 1:30 p.m. Students may register any time after their start date/time.

11/4 - 1/21

Students may make schedule changes online. A student should notify the advisor if they register for a course schedule significantly different from that which was advised.

After 1/21

All schedule changes require a drop/add with appropriate signatures.