The Wolf Howl

Week of 11/15/15

Veteran's Day Ceremony

A huge thank you to all who participated and planned the Veteran's Day program. The PALS were great hosts/hostesses in the library; the band's patriotic songs were amazing; the choir was beautiful; and the dancers were really enjoyable. After school I had several students tell me how much they enjoyed the program. One girl told me it was "the most amazing program I have ever seen!" High praise from a 7th grader! Again, thank you to Pat Brolan for all her hard work and the SS teachers for making sure our Wolves had good background knowledge.
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Visitors Are Coming!

This Wednesday, November 18, we will have groups of administrators in and out of classes most of the morning. I will arrange the schedule so that hopefully all core content classes as well as many of the fine arts and electives are visited. Please plan your morning to be at your best - engaging lessons with deep critical thinking and WICOR. Guests will be here from 8:40 - 9:40; 10:00 - 11:00; and 11:20 - 12:20.

I will get a schedule out with the times and rooms by Tuesday, but plan on showing off the Wolves on Wednesday! We are Wolf Strong!

Pep Rally Rescheduled

Just to make sure that you are all in the know: the Pep Rally scheduled for the 20th has been rescheduled until May 6. "College - Go Get It" Week was moved to that week, and since this is the "College - Go Get It" Pep Rally sponsored by AVID, it made sense to move it. On a good note, it will be nice to recognize track and soccer athletes, and it is the week prior to STAAR testing.

Mark Your Calendars!

Monday, 11/16 - Collegiate Academy to talk to 8th graders on Monday during Wolf time - 8th graders to the Silver Gym with 8th grade WT teachers

AVID Site team meeting - 3:30 Popp's room

Speech Tournament Showcase - 6:00 - SAC

Athletic Parent meeting - 6:30 Lecture Hall

School Board meeting - 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, 11/17 - Final optional book club meeting

Cross Country meet - Andy Brown Park - Coppell

Wednesday, 11/18 - CTMS Show off day - visitors here all morning

Thursday, 11/19- Lisa out

Constitutional Convention - all day - library

Friday, 11/20 - Lisa out

Staff luncheon sponsored by PTA - regular lunch time in library

Club Day #4 or regular Wolf Time

Saturday, 11/21 - Start of Thanksgiving Holidays! Enjoy!

Wolf Howls!

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Terry Popp howls for Pat Brolan! She has a knack for making this Veteran's Day better each year! Thanks for your heartfelt commitment to our servicemen!

Lisa D. howls for Renee and Janis for their time and dedication to the dance team! They are an impressive group!

Raquel gives a LOVING howl to Stephanie Chance for her kindness and support always!

Lisa Smith gives a giant wolf howl to Jaime Leroy for speaking to her classes about Judaism. The students enjoyed it!

Lisa D. howls for Elizabeth and Trish for their hard work with our Math and Science team! They are really doing well in tournaments, but that is lots of work and Saturdays for the teachers!

Rachel gives an extremely loud organization howl for Nikki and Darien for planning and setting up for our first Cross Country Meet during the week of our last two football games, the end of volleyball season, basketball tryouts for boys and girls, and the Veteran's Day program! They are both fantastic leaders and wonderful people to work with. Your coaches appreciate you and all of your hard work!

Lisa D howls loudly for Jason Diehl for taking all of Pauley's WT into his WT when we were so short of subs yesterday and it was math PLC day! He just stepped up and volunteered without being asked!! Thank you for your willingness to help out!

Lisa D. howls for our fine arts department! Our playbill kids, bands, choirs, and art students always represent CTMS so well! Thanks to Shannon, Paul, Laura, Callie, and MaryAnne.

Lisa D. howls for Stephanie R and Linda M for being our long lasting rock solid foundations for our sped paras!


Happy birthday to:

Callie Massey 11/17