Freshmen Library Lessons

Stop by the Library Early in the Semester

English Teachers: Schedule Time for Freshmen Orientation

Freshmen Orientation sessions with English classes take approximately 45 minutes. Jess will introduce students to the library space itself, overview the role of the library in the school, review plagiarism and the school's academic dishonesty policies, and have students create individual Destiny accounts.

Individual Destiny Accounts Allow For:

-remote access to all eBooks and digital audiobooks

-confidence in using Destiny for research

-creating personal "to-read" lists gets students engaged in their reading and encourages goals and a life-long love of reading for pleasure

PE Teachers: Works Cited Lessons

The Works Cited Lesson fits in nicely around the time of students' mental illness projects. Students tend to submit a list of links as their "bibliography," but this brief (25 min. max) lesson shows them how to ethically and correctly cite all of the sources used in their projects.

Social Studies Teachers: In-Text Citations Lessons

Frequently, the Works Cited Page is not too difficult for students to master. The finer details can take time, but they generally become familiar with the protocols after practice. However, in-text citations can be quite the challenge. This 45 minute lesson will allow students to identify in-text citations, match them to entries on Works Cited pages, and examine different types of in-text citations for each kind of resource.