Academic SMART Goal

S My academic SMART goal is to have an 85% average by the time I graduate high school.

M To measure my progress, I will look at my unit tests, midterms, exams and final report marks. I will know my goal is achieved when I receive at least an 85% on most of my tests/assignments.

A To reach my goal I will review my notes for 30 minutes every other day and study for 2 hours for any test I may have.

R This is an important goal to me because I need a high average to get into university. Having an 85% average would hopefully have my application stand out.

T To keep on track, I would like the average of all my midterm reports to be 80% or over.

Volunteering SMART Goal

S For my volunteering SMART goal, by the time I graduate high school, I would like to have completed 100 hours of volunteer work.

M To measure my progress I will aim to complete at least 20 hours each year. I will know my goal is achieved when I complete 100 hours by June of grade 12.

A To reach my goal, I will need to ask my dance teacher for more opportunities to volunteer as a teaching assistant. I will make sure I have the time to volunteer and be committed to it.

R This is an important goal because i would like my volunteer work to stand out on resumes, university applications, etc.

T To keep on track, I would like to complete 65 hours by the end of grade 10. I have already completed 40 hours in grade 9, so this means I need to achieve 25 hours by August 2016.

Preparing for Transitions Video

Future Job Resume

‍‍Monica Ngau

85 Violet St. Brampton, ON L3D2H4 | 647-559-6922 |


· Seeking a full-time job opportunity as an Actuarial Analyst at Statefarm Insurance to apply analytical skills, statistical techniques, and mathematical methods to assess and minimize risk.


Bachelor of mathematics iin actuarial science | university of waterloo | june 2022

· Major: Actuarial Science

· Minor: Mathematics

· Graduated with Honours

· Actuarial Science Club

· Accepted to the University of Waterloo with a scholarship

Louise arbour secondary school | june 2018

· Academic Honours 2014-2018

· 90% Average in Financial Accounting 2016-2018

· OSSD June 2018

Skills & Abilities

Management and organization

· Able to manage time and work space well with studies and co-op program

Computer skills

· Databases: MS Access, LexisNexis

· Applications: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Publisher)

· Minitab, SAS and SQL


· Able to communicate with business clients easily

· Gained experience in the practical Actuarial field by applying to the co-op program for university

· Gave presentations and assisted with actuarial duties

· Patient and understanding towards issues and situations of clients


· President of the Actuarial Science Club

· Dance instructor for recreational services

· Tutor for mathematics

Job Experience

Actuarial Analyst | AIG Global Investment Corp. | September 2019 - present

· Design optimal insurance policies, retirement plans and pension plans

· Analyze investment risks

· Estimate the probability of an insurance claim being filed for a given event

· Use statistical models to manage financial uncertainty

· Pitch ideas and advise major clients of the company

· Amazing reviews from the Board of Directors

· Held one of the higher positions in the company

Finance and Accounting Analyst | Scotiabank | October 2018 – June 2019

· Evaluated businesses, projects, budgets and other finance-related entities to determine their suitability for investments

· Focused on the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements

· Extrapolated the company's past performance into an estimate of the company's future performance

· Advised clients on investments and spending

Volunteer Work

· Volunteered 150 hours teaching dance at a local recreation centre

· Volunteered at the library for 40 hours organizing books and reading to children


Nadia De Souza

93 Fountain Circle

Toronto, On



Andrea Costantini

8 Temple St

Mississauga, On



Challenges and Solutions

Every job has its ups and downs, but one of the disadvantages to being an Actuary or Actuarial Analyst is that it is a quite boring. Though you do get a high pay and a stress-free work life, being an actuary will probably bore you. An actuary is a person who compiles and analyzes statistics and uses them to calculate insurance risks and premiums. You spend most of your day analyzing and calculating statistics. This can become quite boring and you might get sick of doing the exact same thing every day. To solve this challenge, one of the things you can do is you can spend some of your high income investing in adventurous vacations. You can also invest in hobbies and things you enjoy. Since you have a low-stress job you will be able to balance you social and private life with your work life. The stimulation and excitement from vacations and interesting hobbies should balance the “boringness” of being an actuary.

A second challenge that you may have as an actuary is the amount of exams you have to pass. To become an actuary you have to pass an intense series of exams. For each exam a typical student studies for 100 hours per every hour of the exam. For example, the exams are about 3 hours, meaning a student would typically study for 300 hours. A very important part of this challenge is that only 35-40% of the people who take the exams, pass. The solution to this challenge would be to clear your schedule and prepare for an intense study session. Another solution would be to hire a tutor, find a manual, find a syllabus online and find someone to test/tutor you. Though the exams are a very intimidating thing, there is always a solution.

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