Rudy, a hero

a passionate story about Rudy

Because of him, he believed

Rudy is a college graduate but earlier in the years, he worked at a metal making factory with his dad and his best friend. When Petey died (his best friend) in an accident, his whole life changed. He became more determined to do what he loves, and it's the college football team Notre Dame. He had to go to college prep to get his grades up to get into Notre Dame. He studied really hard to get in and it paid off when he got the letter. Rudy took something bad and turned it into something good. Before his family thought it was a joke when Rudy said that he want to go to Notre Dame and play football. His family didn't believe in him, but Rudy kept on going. He spent his childhood watching Notre Dame on TV. His father loved Notre Dame and dreamed of watching one of his sons on TV with Notre Dame. Rudy would never give up and because of his best friend, Petey and all that he did for him the past years that they worked together. Because of him Rudy would have never got in this position. His dad's dream became a reality.

The approval

Rudy met one of the coaches for Notre Dame football and he taught Rudy all the things that he has to know about football, all the nooks and cranny's. He even let him have the key to the maintenance room so that Rudy could sleep there. After Rudy said thank you, he went to go visit his family and told his dad that he might be going to Notre Dame, and becoming a football player. His father thought that he was joking but Rudy has sent a letter to the coach and waiting for the acceptance letter to go to try-outs and accomplish one of his goals.

It got to him, The problem

Rudy sent in three acceptance letters and then he sent one more hoping that he would get in this time. And then he got the news, he's going to try-outs. He showed his dad the letter and his dad could never be more proud of his son. His friends and family were really happy when he made the team! But wait before that he was determined to try his best to make the team. He wanted to impress the head coach of the team. He got the news letter the next day. He made it. He is going to be a Notre Dame football player. He went to the coach strait away and asked him if he can dress for one game in the season. But then something terrible happened, the next day the coach got kicked off the team for letting Rudy dress for a game. He was so sad when he saw it in the newspaper. He persevered through all of his adversities to get him on the team and now he cant even dress in one game. Everyone told him that he wouldn't make the team, but look where he is now.

All in order

After try-outs are all done Rudy talks to the head coach of the team, Rudy wanted to ask him if he can still dress after the old coach said yes but the coach said no. Everyone was so nice to Rudy that they all turned in their jersey's for Rudy so that he can dress for a game. And then the coach changed his mind and said yes to Rudy. But then once the last game of the season came, he didn't get to dress and then the coach came into the locker room and game Rudy the jersey, Rudy could have never been more happy to play for a game. His parents were there to cheer him on. He came in and played for three seconds but it was a lifetime for Rudy. No one else was carried off the field till 1975.