Kamlowsky's Korner

Spring Mills High School

May 18, 2020

Spring Mills Families,

We will be giving kids an opportunity to pick-up/drop-off items as well as clean out their lockers if they have one. We will be doing this within the guidelines for social distancing as set forth by the health department. It is important to follow the directions below:

Schedule (9:00-2:00)

  • May 21st – Seniors Only
  • May 22nd and 26th – Underclassmen

Senior Cap and Gown Pick-up – If you did not get your cap and gown, you can pick it up on the 21st between 9:00 and 12:00. We will have a station set up at the ticket booth by the football field. You will pull up, give your name and birth date and your cap and gown will be placed on a table to ensure minimal contact.

Chromebook/Textbook/Library Book Drop-off – This will done at the faculty entrance on the south side of the building nearest the Art wing. When returning a Chromebook, you must also return the charging cable that came with it. We will have a table set up with a faculty member to verify your name and the serial number on the Chromebook. They will also be asking if there are any damages either cosmetically or with the hardware that we should know about. You will then place your Chromebook on a separate table to ensure contactless drop-off. The same will apply with textbooks and library books.

***If you need to keep your Chromebook beyond this week to finish work, we will have a date in June for collection.

Band Instruments – Mr. Cheek has been coordinating with parents directly on this, but if you have an instrument to pick-up, this will be done in the back of the building by the band room entrance. Mr. Cheek will be distributing those items to your student. If you have questions, contact him directly: hcheek@k12.wv.us

PE Locker Items – Next Friday, May 22, 2020, teachers will be at the school 8am - 3pm. If you have any items left in the locker room (boys/girls PE lockers only - not team rooms as coaches will reach out on that) you can come to the school to pick them up. You will need to send Mrs. Price an e-mail letting her know if you are coming and what time. Only the student whose name is on the list for renting the lock will be permitted to pick up their items. Be sure to e-mail Ms. Price via Schoology, or sprice@k12.wv.us if you plan to come and what time. PE items will be dispersed at the student entrance nearest the student parking lot.

Regular Locker Cleanout – For any student who needs to clean out a locker inside the building, you will park in the student parking lot and use the sidewalk in front of the building to come inside. We will mark off an ‘X’ at various spots to ensure social distancing. We are only permitted to have a certain number of students in the building at one time so there might be a wait to get in. Please note that we will have the locker list at the front entrance and if you did not have a locker this year, we cannot permit you to be in the building at this time. The student who had the locker assigned to them will be permitted into the building to clean everything out and they will exit out the side door by the English wing once they have gathered their belongings.

Proof of Enrollment – You may email Teresa Walling: twalling@k12.wv.us Make the subject line ‘Proof of Enrollment’ and give her your address and child’s full name. We are going to mail them out on Thursdays until further notice and we will get them to you as quickly as possible.

On Thursday, please adhere to social distancing guidelines – If you have a mask, we are asking you wear it. We will do this as quickly as possible.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you.

Jason Kamlowsky

Principal, Spring Mills High School
Berkeley County Schools
499 Campus Drive | Martinsburg, WV 25404
Phone: 304.274.5141 | Fax: 304.274.5144