LN Leads October 2014

Digital Integration Support


Learn more about Advanced Search Strategies

Why? Searching using specific key words rather than typing your exact question in Google will return more focused search results.

When searching word order matters. Google ignores certain punctuation, omitting will save valuable time.


Search Strategy: Why do cars need to get an oil change every 3 months?

Better Search Strategy: “Ford, Mustang” “oil change” frequency

Best Search Strategy: “oil change” requirement frequency

How? Search this: Power Searching with Google Quick Reference

Troubleshooting: Printers

Student Concerns

Many students have not installed their printers under self-service. Please remind them to keep up to date on their installations. The best practice would be to check self service for updates a few times a week.

Did you know?

When you are at another building you can access your self-service and install the printers from that building and print away!