Leapin' Ladybugs

January 2016

December recap

We had such a blast seeing 2015 off in fun! We loved making all the ornaments and Christmas decorations! Although we saw very little snow we learned about it and got to feel how cold it was the few times it came down! We also reviewed our colors blue, white, green and red! Thank you to those that made it to the Christmas party and made it such a blast for the children!

January review

Woah, I can't believe it is already 2016! January is sure to be a fantastic month! We are going to learn a few nursery rhymes, about our 5 senses and about a couple fruits! I'm so excited to help them learn, we will be doing some fruit taste testing and getting to use all our senses!

January dates to remember:

1> Happy New Year! ~ Milestones Closed

4> Happy Birthday Miss Caitlin!

7> Read a book Day!

15> National Hat Day!

18> Martin Luther King Junior Day

19> Pajama Day

21> Give a hug Day

25> Mismatch sock Day

28> Make a snowman picture

31> Happy Birthday Miss Brenda!