Shout Outs

Thank you to my team for helping out when I woke up sick Tuesday. You guys are awesome and I appreciate you so much. -Cyndi

Very LOUD shout out to the second grade team. They have been nothing but supportive and patient with me. Thank you Ladies! Kayla

Shout out to the great Cindy Wisdom, who helps me with Battle of the Books, book fair, Spelling Bee and other assorted library-related purchase orders, and manages to smile the whole time and keep me from messing up. (She knows I don’t like hearing from purchasing because I’ve goofed on something. J) You rock, Cindy! Gailanne

Shout out to Rachel and all the UIL coaches for all their hard work and dedication to our students! Mary

Shout out to the best K team ever. Always flexible and ready to roll with the punches! Kim

To Meredyth and Carrie for always coming and helping out! Rachel

To Dawn for remaining calm and patient with one of friends having a difficult time lately. Rachel

To Mel for always having a smile on her face! Rachel

To Dettra for stepping up to the plate and doing her best with her new friend. Rachel

To April for getting her groove on with our students practicing for the Fairy Tale Ball and Sock Hop. Rachel

Thank you Gailanne for organizing, planning and training us on the Wonder Room!! Laura

Thank you Mary for providing engaging learning opportunities via the Wonder Room! Laura

Thank you Rachel for organizing UIL!! It was another fun year!! Laura

Shout out to all the teachers who allowed me to come into their rooms on Tuesday. I enjoyed my time in every room! Tami

Shout Out to Rachel for helping me stay organized today through the Awards Assembly. Mary

Kid Wisdom

Kid talk – one of my kids said to me this morning “I spilled a little bit of water but only on my underwear – not my pants”

Students were writing their goals this morning (personal or school related) – “My goal for 2016 is to find a medicine that works!” (That is his #1 goal when questioned.)

While talking to a kinder friend about making better choices and how he could handle the same situation differently next time. I asked him, "If someone lines up too close to you in line, what could you do next time besides punching them in the face and calling them names like stinking pants?' He looks at me and says, "I need a minute to think about that, please."


Professional Learning