Square Up to RTI2

March 2018

"The greatest way to show that you love kids is to set high expectations."

~Dr. Steve Perry

RTI2 Reminders

  • We will begin using spring norms on March 15th
  • Spring universal screening window is set for May 1-18
  • The student plan in Aspen is the official record of intervention. Notes gathered in other formats (ex: Google sheet/doc) should also be transferred into the meeting notes in Aspen.
  • Be sure to document in the meeting notes when a student is identified as exhibiting characteristics of dyslexia including which areas are being addressing in instruction and intervention.
  • When students enter a tier 2 or 3 intervention they need to be enrolled in the course through Aspen. School secretaries can assist with this process. Conversely, they need to be withdrawn from the course when they exit intervention.
  • When a student is no longer receiving intervention through the RTI2 process, do not forget to fill in the End Date on the Student Plan, change the Status from Active to Previous, and then click Save.

Four Years of Learnings from RTI2 Implementation in Tennessee

The Tennessee State Department of Education recently released their findings from an assessment of RTI2 at the Partners in Education (P.I.E.) conference in Nashville. Several districts, including Knox County, were acknowledged for their successes at the presentation. Knox County Schools was asked to share their journey of implementation, and Paula Sarver told of our movement from focusing on the process of RTI2 to focusing on student progress and success for all. The report can be accessed through this link. Additionally, Paula Sarver and Christine Pope presented Knox County's use of Aspen (student information system) to document student progress and enrollment in RTI2.

Dyslexia Resources and Reminders

  • Regional Training on Understanding Dyslexia Opportunity

    This training is for all school staff interested in learning more about the "Say Dyslexia" Law and the requirements from the state. We will discuss difficulties these students face, how we provide strategies and align interventions to meet their needs. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how to help their students and how to talk to parents about their child's difficulties in reading. Certified staff may register on MyLearning Plan and Classified staff may register through their professional development website.

All sessions will be 3:45-4:45

March 19 at Dogwood Elementary

March 22 at Spring Hill Elementary

March 26 at Hardin Valley Elementary

March 29 at Adrian Burnett Elementary

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