Never have a slow day again!

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Thousands will see your advertisement

WIFI-4-FREE and Network partners have installed special Wi-Fi proximity marketing devices that provide consumers in your area with Free Wi-Fi Internet access that come within range of our Proximity Marketing network. The consumer will receive an alert on their mobile phone letting them know that free Wi-Fi access is available. They access free Wi-Fi connecting to the WIFI-4-FREE network, then entering their phone number and giving their consent to receive discounts and special offers from merchants in their local area. After they enter their phone number we send them a Text message with a unique access code which they are required to enter. After they “opt-in” they are shown your discounts, coupons, offers and incentives.

Here's what makes us DIFFERENT

While consumers enjoy free Internet access, WIFI-4-FREE monitors their behavior and looks for opportunities to present your advertisements at the ideal moment when the consumer is viewing a similar product or service to yours, providing you with an unparalleled touch-point opportunity, unavailable through any other type of media.

You’ll be taking advantage of more foot traffic and potential customers then you could ever attract with your own marketing. And since these consumers have “opted-in”, they’re 100% proven to be open to receiving your promotions. You’ll drive massive revenue to your bottom line by delivering strategically timed offers effectively right onto your customer’s mobile device.

So how does it work?

Once you sign up, you’ll be able to view advertising plans and choose the plans and locations that fit your specific needs and budget. Then you’ll create your own full-size advertisements utilizing pre-formatted fields, fill-in-the-blank coupon templates and an auto-formatting image uploader.

The result is a carefully crafted, professional looking advertisement complete with your logo, address, tap-to-call phone number, tap-to-view location map, tap-to-share with numerous social Medias, tap-to- view your website and promotional video, followed by your list of coupons or promotions which can be created with a simple click of a button as new coupons are generated automatically.

Once a consumer is enticed by your coupon and opens up the promotional details, they can redeem your offers by adding it to a special area within their account we named Mobi-Wallet. Mobi-Wallet stores the offers they choose and can be used to display an offer in-store to redeem same.

It's Simple! You create the coupons & ads you want and our system will show them to all users on our free wifi network that are looking for what your selling!

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We'll Prove it to you!

You’ll have access to a full merchant advertiser dashboard to view your statistics and print reports. You’ll be able to see a multitude of different statistics including coupon redemption rates that will allow you to quickly spot your top performing promotions, predictive analysis that will forecast stock and service requirements, interact with consumer reviews and email newsletters and much more.

Here's what you'll receive!

Every advertising account receives:

  • An online password protected virtual office to manage your advertisements.
  • Custom image library for all of your images used in ads.
  • The ability to run multiple coupons/ads simultaneously.
  • Full analytic statistics to monitor the performance of your ads.
  • Full availability to change your ads 24/7/365.
  • Business listed at website.
  • The ability to target your top 5 competitors, whereby your ad pops when someone types in your competitors URL.
  • Our interactive system allows you to interact with consumer reviews & by collecting their emails addresses.
  • Merchant tools to use your advertisements in newsletters & at your website.
  • Create and show bar-codes right on your coupons.

Here's how you Benefit when you advertise on the WiFi-4-Free network.

  • Quick & easy advertising to a highly targeted local audience.
  • Create & test new advertisements on the fly, in real time.
  • Real consumer engagement.
  • Low costs when compared to other mediums.
  • Full control of your advertisements.
  • Steady stream of new customers, ready to buy.