sand dredging to fix ocean city

ocean city is at stake

ocean city is eroding

ocean city is being swept away by strong ocean currents. one storm could sweep ocean city away. More than 70% of Earth's shorelines are retreating due to rising sea levels. As shorelines move landward, structures located on or near the beach may be destroyed. In addition, communities may lose significant amounts of income if they lose the use of their beaches.

sand pumping is the soulution

Beach nourishment is more complicated than dumping more sand onto a beach. forecasting is needed to predict how long until the next round of nourishment is required. A nourished beach erodes faster than the original beach. The first beach nourishment project took place on Coney Island, in 1922 and it is an on-going project. In 1997, new technology using multibeam equipment was used first in Denmark to save on costs of surveying , and produce more accurate surveys for use in beach modeling.

benfits and costs

The sand pumping plan has been encouraged for its potential benefits to shore protection. If we rebuild the beaches we help secure the state's $18 billion tourist economy.

beach replenishing costs about 10 million dollars per beach front. but also we could fix two problems at once if we drdge for sand off shore. The EPA dredges sand to make deep channels for boats and ships to float through. If we use the sand being dredged, costs would go down because we dont have to dredge two places at once.


The Army Corps Engineers are going to ve conduct beach replenishment in Ocean City this winter and spring. Dune repair work starting at 146th Street will begin on or about January 31st.