Of Mice and Men

by John Steinbeck


John Steinbeck's , Of Mice and Men , is about two southern men who go from a small town called Weed , to a ranch that will be a job opportunity . After Lennie's Aunt Cara dies , George is entitled to watch after Lennie , for he is a little slow . The two men , George Milton , and Lennie Small , stay at the ranch , in the bunk house and work . Troubles stir up in the quiet southern area . And George is forced to make Cruel decisions , apon Lennie

Juliette's book club

Monday, Nov. 4th, 10am

2142 Hawthorne Boulevard

Torrance, CA

Bring your books , Of Mice and Men , for some book club fun . We will read . and enjoy coffee in our comfy local Starbucks . Don't forget to bring highlighters , and a good mood to read!