Aphrodite's Chocolate Hearts

By: Myriah Dorf

The Purpose:

The purpose is to make love in the air by getting that someone you love or someone you just care about as a friend or whatever, and get them a chocolate heart or a box of chocolate hearts. When you get it, you flip it over, and on the back of it, there will be this paper on it and you write the note on the back of it with the person's name on it. You'll then hand it back to us and we will make sure that person gets the chocolates as soon as possible. It will also make that person you sent the chocolates to be nice and happy and do the same for good cheer.

The Prices:

The Prices: Piece of chocolate-$ 1.00

Box of chocolate- $5.00

Special offer:

If you go to one of our team members in the next 30 minutes, then you will get some roses or any type of flowers to give to that someone and they can be individually handed out, they are not all stuck together.... and also you'll get the chocolates too.

the website is www.aphroditelove.com


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Let love be in the air with happiness and joy and let them enter your life swiftly and calmly!