Ag, Food, and Natural Resources

Colby Heller

Career Cluster

The career cluster, Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, involves the production and sales of food, animals, and resources.

Career Pathways

Animal systems- animal breeders, Livestock evaluators, Vet, zoologist

Plant systems- agriculture technician, soil and water conservationist, biochemist

Food Products and processing systems- butchers and meat cutters, food science technician, aquacultural manager

Agribusiness systems- nursery manager, Food scientist, agricultural and extension education services

Environmental service systems- hazardous material removal worker, water/wastewater engineer, climate change analyst

Power, Structural, and Technical systems- aircraft mechanics and service systems, solar energy systems engineers, wind energy project managers

Natural Resources systems- biofuels processing technicians, fish and game wardens, biological scientist


The career I like the most in this field is animal breeder. It is in the pathway of animal systems. Two problems you will be able to handle are: being able to use science and knowledge of genes to be able to breed livestock for profit and to be able to care for animals and to exhibit animals at shows.

A career readiness skill that you would need is to be able to use critical thinking to come up with solutions. Another career readiness skill that you would need is being able to manage your own career development because you will be working by yourself most of the time.

The higher percentile of the people in this career make a little under $60,000 a year. It's best to have an associates degree for this career. It is suggested to major in Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, and Related Sciences. This is a hard laboring job that involves you to be outside and use your hands for a lot of things, and most tasks causes strain to your back. Depending on what animals you want to breed there are many jobs you can get that are in demand. You can be a breeding accountant for dairy and beef, or you can also join artificial insemination companies which is getting more and more in demand by the sharp increase in people using artificial insemination on there animals.

A change in the last five years

A change in the last five years was the advancements in technology to be able to run combines and pivots with your phone.

A change in the next ten years

There will be more advancements in technology and advancements in the category of raising animals by cloning to the point where you delete the genes that causes diseases in animals.