Fourth Grade Parkside Elementary

February 8th - 12th, 2016


Why did the author write this text? What does the author want you to know? Why does the author want me to know this? What evidences or proof do you see in the text that support the author's main idea? These are a few questions to think of when trying to determine the author's purpose or message and to understand the text better in a nonfiction/informational text. As you are reading through your informational text, be sure to discuss the author's purpose and the evidences behind it.

Homework for reading is changing slightly. Students are still expected to read nightly (should be able to read 40 minutes by now) but rather than completing a reading log with questions, students and parents will simply write in the agenda the book that was read for homework and parents sign with initials. This will serve as the nightly log. Students will also need to complete between 2 and 4 Compass Learning activities during the week, too.


We will continue with area and perimeter this week. Our focus will be on using what we have learned with area and perimeter and solving word problems. Your children will be able to identify the difference between an area verses perimeter problem. At home you can ask your child to identify real world applications of area and perimeter. For example: When might you need to find the area or perimeter of something in your life? We will test on Friday. Our next unit will be Geometry.

Science, Social Studies and Health

Students will be studying electricity in science. The homework on Google classroom is about Edison and the lightbulb! Later in the week students will be completing centers on electricity!!

Health will be reassessing tobacco and alcohol awareness. Students will be having a quiz on Wednesday. Look for a study guide to come home on Monday.

Social Studies will be listening to stories about Black History. Ask about Selma Burke, artist, who lived near Mooresville. She made a sculpture of the image of Roosevelt that we see on the dime!!

Field Trip!!

Our first field trip to Vulcan is this Friday. Please be sure properly signed field trips forms have been returned to your child's homeroom teacher and payment for this trip has been made. Please contact your child's homeroom teacher with any concerns or questions.

Payments need to be made for the trips via the Online Payment system located on the school's website.

1. Go to the school's website at

2. Look in the left menu for Online School Payment. Click one time.

3. A list of activities will come up for Parkside Elementary. You are looking for "Fourth Grade Vulcan Quarry Trip," "Second Payment Fourth Grade Mountain Trip," or "Full Payment Fourth Grade Mountain Trip" and your child's homeroom teacher's name attached to the title. Click on your selected title.

4. Double check to make sure you are looking at the trip, teacher and then click add to cart.

5. Review your shopping cart. Click Check Out.

6. Sign In or Create a Username and password.

7. Once signed in, Add Student Profile with student name and student id#. Click Save Changes once all info is entered. Click next.

8. Complete Address, Payment and Review Order. Be sure to select payment agreement.

9. Click Place Order. Save the information for your records.

An email will automatically be sent to your child's homeroom teacher with a note that the trip has been paid for.

The second payment of $30 is due for Grandfather Mountain and Linville Caverns Friday, February, 12, 2016

Payment Dates are:

-January 20, 2016 - First Payment for Grandfather Mountain and Linville Caverns ($20)

-January 29, 2016- Payment for Vulcan Materials ($6)

-February, 12, 2016- Second Payment for Grandfather Mountain and Linville Caverns ($30)

- March 15, 2016- Third/Final Payment for Grandfather Mountain and Linville Caverns ($30)

Calendar Update...

Feb 8

All About Teeth Presentation for 1st Grade

Feb 10

5th Grade to Charleston

Feb 15

There is School for Student (snow makeup day).

Feb 19

School Store Opens at 7:45 am - 8:10 am

Feb 22 - 26

Book Fair

Feb 25

Progress Report Go Home

Feb 25

PTA Meeting & Fine Arts Showcase

Feb 26

Last Day to Purchase a Wall Tile

Feb 29 - Mar 4

Read Accross America Week

Mar 1

Early Release Day 1:15 pm