Come to Mexico

by: James Holmes

Fun stuff to do

About Mexico

Mexico's breath-taking climate, landscape, and cities

Mexico has a lot of different climates from forests to deserts. You could enjoy the amazing view atop a mountain. The landscape has volcanoes, mountains, and sinkholes... try not to fall in one! Also did you know that Mexico City is the 10th biggest city in the world? Mexico is good place to go for a vacation if you like warm places, mountain climbing, or big cities.

Mexico's amazing food, culture, and history

Did you know there are 140 different types of chile in Mexico? Mexico has a varied food because of it's history. Spanish conquered the native americans long ago the Spanish also brought slaves from Africa and their cultures all mixed. Now they have a very colorful culture with lots of festivals. One popular one is called The Day Of The Dead where people bring food to their dead relatives.