Electromagnetic Waves

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What Creates An Electromagnetic Wave?

Electromagnetic waves are produced by a vibrating electric charge and as such, they consist of both an electric and magnetic component.

How are Electromagnetic Waves Different From Magnetic?

Electromagnetic waves are different from mechanical waves because the electromagnetic wave doesn't require a medium to transport its energy. And since the electromagnetic wave is started with an electric charge, it has an electric component that the mechanical doesn't have.

Different Types of Waves in The EM Spectrum

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Gamma Rays

Wavelength (m): Anything less than 1 x 10^-11

Frequency (Hz): Anything greater than 3 x 10 ^19

Energy (J): Anything greater than 2 x 10^-14

How They Are Used Today

Radio Waves- Radio waves are used today by radio stations and television broadcasters to send out waves to the radio or TV, which then converts the waves into sound and pictures

Micro Waves- These waves are usually used to cook in an everyday microwave, but astronomers also use these waves to learn about the structures of nearby galaxies

Infrared- Used for optic fibre communication (a method of transmitting information from one place to another by sending pulses of light through an optical fiber) and for night vision goggles

Visible Light- These waves let us see the world in all its natural beauty, its used by the sun to give us light, and rainbows use visible light when it bends and refracts through water droplets in the sky

Ultraviolet- Ultraviolet light is used by hospitals to sterilize sugerical equipment, and used by doctors to treat Vitamin-D deficiency

X-Rays- These rays are used to show medical images of our bones, as well as by the TSA to check our baggage as we go through security in the airport

Gamma Rays- Gamma radiation is used by medical workers to kill cancer cells, and can also be used to sterilize equipment in a medical facility

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