POHW after poster

by:Mallory Hardwick

1)Hollis' Outlook on Life

In the beginning Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes.In the end,she is happy to be a part of the Regan family.

"I always wanted my oldest daughter to have them" page 163

2)The Mustard Lady

In the end the mustard lady is very surprised that she has found a family because she is bad.

" She thought i had really turned my life around. " page 157

3)Having a Normal Life

Since Hollis is used to running away, when she finds the Regans she starts to live a normal life.

''I love you. Steven rubbed my shoulders." page 158

4)The Old Man's Moutain

In the end Hollis hurts herself while going back down the mountain. When Steven comes to her rescue the truck flipped and they both got injured. Later she ends up leaving.

"But he said we were different." page 158

5) Josie's memory loss

In the end Hollis almost gets taken away because she keeps forgetting to make her go to school.

" She doesn't forget everything, just some things. " page 73

6) Hollis' Attitude

in the end Hollis begins to trust more people because she is now part of a family.

" I want to ask you about Santa Claus. " page 151

7) setting change

In the end the setting is now her real family her real house. The place that she will grow up.

" It's me Izzy do u think i could come home? " page 162

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