North Oaks Middle School

WEEKLY MEMO 1/18/2016


MISSION: The North Oaks' staff will ensure high levels of learning for every student.

VISION: In order to achieve our mission, we function collectively as a professional learning community.

POP: To enhance and ensure consistency in our PLCs.

Information and Reminders

  • Monday is a flex day. Be sure you submit your form if you have not done so.

  • There will be a few district representatives on campus on Tuesday afternoon from about 1:00 to 3:30. They will be here mainly to walk through classes and provide some feedback. Don't panic- you are well prepared!

  • Please don't forget to add some comments to the board in the teachers lounge and recognize the great work of one of your colleagues.

  • Don't forget to nominate a colleague for Teacher of the Year! Send your nomination as well as a brief statement why they deserve the honor.
  • Please see email from Mrs. Hays about student schedules for Tuesday morning. If you have new students, remember to check on services or support they may receive (504, SPED, ESL).
  • Please continue to post items on our Facebook and Twitter accounts as you see opportunities on campus or at events.
  • For those of you interested, we are doing a run/walk every Friday after school about 4:15ish (weather permitting). Join us if you can.
  • Thanks goes to Mrs. Poston for ensuring we are using every means available to provide information to our parents and our community. She is keeping our website up to date, updating the marquee, and assisting in sending messages via Remind 101 and e-mail. She is awesome!









J. Garcia

Please be aware that you are on-call for your duty spot. Since we are on the week before a break, please check in with an administrator to be sure we do not need you. Thanks!

Quote of The Week

“Problems are the common thread running through great men and women...Adversity is preparation for greatness."

Andy Andrews, The Traveler's Gift